Child Friendly Dog Breeds

The best dog breed for children could be a mixed dog or one that has more than one pedigree in its bloodline. When picking a dog, one would have to consider the many species of dogs or types of dogs that are available.

Beagles are the best!

Beagles can make the best dog breed for children, but many other types of dogs are as equally good as the German shepherd that I covered in one of my other articles. And perhaps there are some species of dogs that you may not want to have around your kids, such as a Chesapeake Bay retriever.

I used to own a Chesapeake Bay retriever that was a very hardy rugged dog with a strong personality that I would play tug of war with who would never surrender. She would pull and tug at a piece of rope and hold on with her mouth so tight that she wouldn’t let go even while I twirled her around in midair.

Child Friendly Dog Breeds

Bay Retrievers are ferocious

This same species of dog would retrieve a stick by plunging into ice-cold water even while breaking fragile ice as she fetched it, and it wouldn’t bother her. If a stranger came to the door, she was very protective and would bark, growl, and show her teeth that warned any intruder that she meant business and would protect her territory by biting them if necessary.

Fortunately, she only nipped somebody once, and it wasn’t anything serious. Maybe she was a little overzealous! But it is something you need to consider in choosing the right dog for you.

To illustrate this point, a friend of mine would come over to the house to visit every so often and for some reason, she never liked him from day one, so I had to hold Freedom every time he came over by the collar so she wouldn’t go through the screen door trying to bite him.

Mixed dogs are a good choice

It was embarrassing, but despite her being a little aggressive even to my friend, in my estimation, she was the best breed for my children at the time as they were very young. And despite her aggressive behavior, she never harmed my boys in any way during her lifetime.

Maybe a dog like Freedom wouldn’t be your type of dog, and knowing the facts ahead of time about a Chesapeake Bay retriever’s aggressive personality would prevent you from picking a dog like her.

However, mixed dogs can make be a fantastic choice for people who have children. They are usually very loving and easy to please because they possess the best traits of the multiple breeds that they represent. And they can be free or cheaper to purchase as well. Whether you opt for a purebred or mixed dog, your decision to pick the right dog will be easier if you investigate the different species of dogs in advance.

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