How to Celebrate Labor Day for Less

Summer is fading away, and our last chances for a tropical getaway are fading with it as the colder seasons slowly sneak upon us. Sure it’s still warm and beautiful outside now, but it won’t be long until those lush green leaves turn red and brown, and before you know it, you’ll be digging your car out of the snow before work in the morning. If you’re like countless others who get stuck working through their vacation days in the summer, don’t get stuck again. Our last chance for a summer blow-out is coming up.

Celebrate hard work!

Labor Day is a time set aside to celebrate the hard-working people of America, whose blood sweat and tears keep this country going, day by day. Yes, that means you. This is your holiday, so take advantage of it make it memorable.

Consider throwing a party and invite all of your favorite people, close friends, and family alike to join you in making this a fun holiday. A potluck dinner or barbecue can be loads of fun and little expense for you. If everyone brings something to the table, you won’t have to spend all day shopping and cooking, giving you more time to relax and more cash in your wallet.

Try throwing a dance party

Don’t bother with expensive DJs, dust off your own DJ mixer. Haul your stereo out to the back yard and spin all your favorite records, and encourage your friends to bring music as well. If you can hook up a laptop to your stereo, you’ve got essentially the same equipment as most party DJs.

How to Celebrate Labor Day for Less

Create playlists, take requests, play old classics; being a DJ may be more fun than you think. A party isn’t a party without music. Start the tunes while you set things up, and let them run on all night. You and your guests are guaranteed to have a great time.


If you have enough space, you could even consider a campout. Tell your guests to bring tents and sleeping bags and turn your back yard into camping grounds. This can be especially fun if you’ve got a safe fire pit. Something about a bonfire is intensely nostalgic and memorable for many of us, and ending the night with your closest friends around a crackling fire before going to sleep under the stars is sure to be one of the best moments in your summer.

Keep it under budget, go to for great deals on everything from groceries to firewood. Hosting a camp out has the added benefit of keeping your guests from driving off into the moonlight under the influence. Keep everybody safe and sound, tucked in for the night after loads of good times.

Don’t get stuck toiling away all summer again. Labor Day is the time we take to celebrate you, so give yourself a break and have a good time. It’s your last chance to enjoy the summer, so make it count.