Carb-Blockers and Their Role in Weight Loss

Emerging issues of poor nutrition are making people try different methods of losing weight. Almost 35% of the American population is working diet plans one after another. But the worst part is that people do not even test their credibility. A new term, ‘carb blocker’ is becoming common nowadays.

What are carb blockers?

Do you think that they work and help you shed the pounds? The basic idea is that these Carb-blockers are eaten along with the carbohydrates, and as a result of the carbs you consume, just pass through your digestive tract without getting absorbed into the body.

Carb-Blockers and Their Role in Weight Loss

There are natural forms of substance available to control the urge to eat carbohydrates in your body, but ‘The carb blocker’ is being sold as a pill for losing weight. It seems a fascinating idea, but is there any hidden truth behind it? All humans need carbohydrates to provide energy for the body to do their daily routine (Physical, mental).

Carbohydrates break down into sugar or polysaccharides. For the digestion of polysaccharides, they need to be broken into more straightforward forms like Disaccharides and Monosaccharides. And again, there is an enzyme-like Alpha-Amylase, which is required for this break down to occur. Thus, the main theory of Carb Blockers is connected to this specific enzyme.

One more enzyme needed!

Alpha-Amylase is found in the pancreatic juice and the saliva. The idea is is to obstruct or to hinder the function of Alpha-Amylase so that carbohydrates can pass through our bodies without being absorbed. For this action to be delayed, there is one more enzyme needed.

Phaseolus Vulgaris is an extract from the white kidney bean that does not allow the interaction between carbohydrates and Alpha-Amylase. Better digestion occurs in our small intestine, after which; the left-over sludge is delivered to the large intestine. Here, water absorption takes place, and the remainder is converted into urea.

Starch blocking

This is where the basic theory of a carb blocking supplement comes into play. Carb blocking’s idea branches off from the idea of starch blocking. Starch blocking is used for diabetic patients in controlling their blood sugar level, and this is done by inhibiting the sugar.

Carb-Blockers will help you only in the short run. They do not address the actual problem. For example, take liposuction when you are having issues with your metabolism, or when you have a stagnant lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, liposuction isn’t going to help you with the source of these problems.

Carb-Blockers and Weight Loss

There will be no improvement in your lifestyle choices and eating habits after going through with the surgery. These Fat and carb blockers cannot be the sole solution to obesity problems. There is another significant factor. This critical factor is Vitamin absorption into our body.


Most of the minerals and vitamins are fat-soluble. These minerals and vitamins come bundled with glucose and starch. When such blockers inhibit fat absorption into our body, our body gets deprived of these vitamins also. As an example, Vitamins like A, D, E, F, K, and fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 are fat-soluble.

Depriving our body of fats/Carbs will result in abnormal absorption of these Vitamins. The same thing happens with the Carbohydrates too. Many of the minerals and vitamins, along with the Glucose, Starch, and fats that were not digested, pass through our food canal without getting absorbed.

Is it a long-term solution?

Yes, Carb-Blockers may work and help you in adjusting the initial stage of your diet. Intense cravings can be satiated by a cheat meal once in a while, and to nullify the effect of such cheat meals, carb-blockers can come in handy, but what happens if we think long term?

The best way is to take natural Carb Blockers rather than taking supplement pills. You may eat a serving of white kidney beans before your meal rather than going for pills.

You may also go for other natural foods that are high in volume but low in caloric density such as fresh fruits and vegetables. This way, you can forget about possible side effects; you can also forget about the credibility of these synthetic carb-blockers while shedding the pounds, which is an aim for most of us. Read this awesome article on getting rid of Cellulite quickly.