Can Birth Control Pills Still Treat Acne

Even though the result was unintended, this week’s meeting of the FDA Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee has led to a media blitz that sheds doubt on the effectiveness of birth control pills.

The FDA has denounced such claims and declared that the real purpose of these meetings is to discuss clinical trial designs and that the newer generation products [birth control pills] are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. It will be difficult to undo the message of uncertainty already cast upon the reliability of birth control pills.

Can they be used for acne?

Besides using birth control as a contraceptive, women also use the pills to treat acne. Now the question arises, Is the latest generation of birth control pills still reliable acne treatments?

Doctors prescribe birth control pills to women with mild to moderate acne. The skin is a translucent material, and so, whatever lies beneath the skin will reveal itself in the upper layers of the skin. So, a complete skin lightening regime to treat blemishes like age spots, acne scars, or melasma should consider other factors, above and below the skin, that contribute to the skin’s overall tone.

Skin Ecology

Skin ecology is a perfect analogy for understanding the skin all the elements influencing the health and color of the skin. Skin ecology means the interactions and relationships between the skin and its environment. Every day the skin interacts with the sun, wind, rain, and a whirlwind of emotions. Each of these factors influences how the skin looks. Skin Roughness Age, along with this constant influence of environmental factors, can lead to rougher skin texture.

Can Birth Control Pills Still Treat Acne
Contraceptive Pills

There’s nothing you can do to stop your genetic clock, but you can slow skin damage caused by environmental factors if you start staying out of the sun when you’re a kid and never smoke. As you age, nothing functions as well as it did when you were young, including skin, a specialized organ with its immune system.

Sunlight causes damage

Intense sunlight does enormous damage, penetrating deep to cause changes to that immune system. It also affects hormones that keep skin youthful, which decrease with age anyway. Without the stuff that makes for dewy complexions – fat, collagen, elastin, and estrogen – the skin gets thinner, drier and less taut. The result is that even minor trauma, such as bruising, abrasions, and burns, causes substantial damage that heals slower.

Less elasticity means gravity finally wins out – jowls and lips sag, noses droop, and ears elongate. Daily Dose: FDA Says Birth Control Not As Effective; New Drug To … The Food and Drug Administration said birth control pills are safer. However, they are not as good at preventing pregnancy. On Wednesday, advisers to the FDA recommended that the pills be allowed to stay on the market.

The pills made today contain smaller amounts of hormones, which means fewer complications, including blood clots and cardiovascular risks. However, the change has led to a slightly higher pregnancy rate. The FDA panel said the pills are suitable for women that take them to reduce acne or regulate their periods. Almost 12 million American women currently take birth control pills. Link: Article On Birth Control Study New Drug To Fight Smoking A review of research shows that the anti-smoking drug Varenicline doubles a user’s chance of quitting.

Other ways to treat acne: