How to write an essay for a business school application?

All business school aspirants have to write at least three essays as part of the application process. Most of the aspirants go through multiple review cycles before they finalize their essays.

Following these steps:

Research the business school.

Your essay should highlight the qualities which business school values. So if the school values team skills, give examples from your past life which highlight you as an active team player

Base your essays only on facts.

A common mistake which most of the aspirants make is that they start writing about what they can do. The person who evaluates your application is more interested in knowing what you have already done rather than what you can do.

How to write an essay for a business school application?
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Use figures to substantiate your achievements.

Saying that ‘I increased the efficiency of the organization’ is less impactful than saying ‘My efforts led to a decrease in operational costs by 50% and increase of productivity by 10%’. So use numbers.

Check for grammatical errors.

Such errors reflect very poorly on you. You can use the word’s spell checker to see if there are any spelling errors. Get your essays reviewed by others to catch any grammatical errors.

Follow the rules

Yes, sticking to the word count is essential. Although you won’t get eliminated just for going over the word count by a little bit (50 words or so), what the business school is looking for in the essays is whether not a candidate can follow directions, and articulate his or her thoughts clearly within a given word limit.

Remember that if you are invited to interview, you will have the chance to elaborate or follow-up on some of these questions, so don’t try to cram everything into your essay. Think carefully about the ‘real estate’ you have in the answer box.

Answer the question

It’s not uncommon for some candidates to stray from the question being asked in the application essay. Most of the candidates have interesting stories to tell, and are generally very passionate about business schools and presenting an excellent profile to the admissions committee.

However, it’s important to make sure that you stay on topic. Just as with following the word limit, the business school is judging candidates on their ability to comprehend what is being asked of them and to answer the question directly and articulately.

If you’re successful in the application process, you’ll have the chance to market yourself in an interview, so there’s no need to try and fit your whole life story into an essay. As a test, have someone read your essay answer without telling them the question. If they can’t figure out what the question was, you probably haven’t answered it.

Take your time

Don’t write and submit your essays in one sitting. Give yourself lots of time before the deadline to carefully think about the questions, and what you’d like to say – your answers might look completely different from one day to the next.

It is also recommended that you write your essays in a Word document, and not directly in the application. This makes it much easier for you to go back to and edit, and you don’t run the risk of running into technical difficulties or time-outs in the application.

As with any written submission, be sure to have many proofreaders! Having friends or family review your essays with a fine-tooth comb will ensure that you don’t miss any spelling/grammar mistakes and that you’ve stayed focused on answering the question.