Bulldogs Temperament | Why are they so sweet?

The Bulldog is a reliable muscular dog with a wrinkled face and a pushed-in snout. This dog breed has variations such as the English, Olde English, Australian, French, and the American Bulldog. These medium-sized dogs have a wide head and shoulders with thick folds of skin on their brow, nose, and neck.


Along with their droopy lips that sometimes show a pronounced underbite with protruding teeth; and round black eyes. They are so ugly that they are cute. The Bulldog’s coat is short, flat, and sleek ranging in coloration from red, fawn, white, with brindle and piebald variations. The American Bulldog weighs 45 – 50 pounds, with males being a little heavier than females.

These medium-sized dogs derived their name from the sport of bull-baiting, wages were placed on every dog, and the winner was the Bulldog that pinned the bull’s nose to the ground. Interestingly, bull baiting was practiced in London up until the 1800s; and it was not uncommon for the bull to maim or kill several dogs during this event either by goring or tossing these medium-sized dogs with its horns or simply trampling them.

Bull and Bear baiting

Over time this dog breed developed stocky, muscular bodies, massive heads, and jaws along with a ferocious savage temperament as well. Bull and Bear baiting ended in the early 1800s when both of these events was made illegal by the Cruelty to Animals Act of 1835.

However, in the new world around the mid- 17th century in New York, this medium dog breed was employed for a city-wide round-up effort by the governor Richard Nicolls to round-up wild bulls. The Bulldogs was a popular dog breed for just the job because they were trained to seize a bull by its nose long enough for them to be roped and safely captured without incident.

Bulldogs Temperament | Why are they so sweet?

Today’s Bulldog may look tough, but they could not perform the rigors of bull-baiting physically, as their ancestors did. The modern AKC breed of Bulldog simply could not grip a bull’s nose with its short muzzle to pin it down.

Daily Exercise needed

Like all types of dogs, Bulldogs need daily exercise so as not to become overweight, which leads to heart, lung, and joint problems. This breed of dogs is known as the most relentless gas passers in the canine world, as well as the most putrid foul-smelling as well. Some friends of ours in Florida had an American Bulldog named Gus, and when he let loose the house stunk to high heaven!

This dog breed must have plenty of shade and water, as they are also susceptible to heat exhaustion. Here is a dog the fact that you may not know, but bulldogs mostly sweat through the pads of their feet. They also snore of the most beautiful kind, so if the farting doesn’t get your attention, maybe the snoring will.

Bulldogs’ life expectancy is relatively short, and at five to six years of age, they show signs of aging. They are friendly and docile, which makes them excellent family dogs and because they don’t need much exercise they also make a great urban dog for apartment dwellers and the like.

Breeders have bred out much of the aggression their ancestors displaced so much so, that they are so attached that they won’t venture out of the yard without human company. Overall the Bulldog breed makes an excellent family dog as they rather nap on your lap rather than chase after a ball. Read about different small dog breeds here.