Building Your Own Gaming Computer

Every year, in fact, every few months, new computer games are released that require much more advanced computer systems for the gamer to enjoy the full effect. This causes computer gamers endless grief as they find that no matter how much they upgrade their computer systems, they are simply unable to keep up with the rapid advancements in gaming technology.

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Pc Game

Gaming Enthusiasts Problem

Another problem that gaming enthusiasts face is that computer manufacturers always take some time after the release of the latest hardware to incorporate it into their product line-up. This means that by the time you get the computer with the hardware required to play today’s games, the games being released then will not run smoothly on your computer.

In addition to not having the latest hardware, many of the computers that you can purchase from retail stores are much more expensive as compared to the total cost of the individual parts. This is because those retail stores need to earn a profit somehow, so they charge consumers for the expertise required to assemble and market their computers.

By building your own gaming computer, you avoid any of those costs beyond that of the individual parts necessary for your computer. You will also be able to determine exactly what sort of hardware you wish to incorporate into your computer, so that if you have the budget for it, you can purchase all of the very latest hardware for your computer so that you will be able to run the very latest games smoothly and without a hitch.

Of course, the first step to building your own gaming computer is deciding exactly what hardware you wish to put in it. If you aim to play the latest games, then you will need to corresponding hardware that can handle the latest games. If you only wish to play older games, however, then you can afford to use less expensive hardware.

The actual building process may seem complicated but in reality it is quite simple. There are numerous free online guides that will tell you, in a step-by-step manner, exactly how to build your own gaming computer.

Advantages Of Buying Online Hardware

If you are going to build your own computer and you have decided on all of the components and hardware that you are going to incorporate into your computer, the next step is to acquire those components. So where do you buy your components from? The first place most people would think of is the nearest electronics retail store. Here’s something you should know though; while you can definitely get the parts you require at any traditional electronics store, you will end up paying a whole lot more as compared to what you would pay for the same part if you bought it over the internet. Surprised? Here’s how it works.

At traditional brick stores, the final cost of any item includes the cost of transportation and the cost of shipping as well as various overhead costs such as rent, power usage, staff salaries and much more. Online retailers on the other hand, do not incur any of these expenses and so they can afford to lower their prices significantly and still make a huge profit. Buying online hardware is the best way to shop for the hardware you require, at prices not much more than the actual manufacturing cost.

If you visit the right websites, buying online hardware is akin to buying the hardware directly from the manufacturer. Manufacturers almost never sell their products directly because it simply is not profitable, considering the overhead costs that it takes to run a physical store. Over the internet, however, many manufacturers sell their products directly or through middleman sites which do not increase prices by very much. This is because the only overhead costs are the costs of maintaining a website, and those costs are relatively insignificant.

When you look to purchase hardware online, make sure that you do so only from reputable hardware sites. The best way to tell whether a site is reputable or not, you can simply visit computer-related forums or search for the name of the website and company using a search engine. If you find many results that say positive things about a particular site, then that site is most probably a legitimate and reputable site that you can safely order your hardware from.

Building Costs and Shipping Considerations

When building your own gaming computer, building costs and shipping considerations should be your main concerns once you have settled on the overall specifications for the computer. Building costs are relatively simple to calculate – once you have the list of components that you require to build your computer, simply visit an online computer hardware site to find out how much those parts would cost. If you are dissatisfied with the prices on a particular website, you can try searching for more websites that sell the same hardware so that you can compare prices.

Often, after finding out how much each component will cost, people find that they are way above the budget that they set aside for building their computers. This is a common occurrence and you will then need to determine which parts are absolutely vital to your computer and which parts you can downgrade. Most of the time, the only parts that you should not compromise on if you can avoid it are the graphics card and the motherboard. These two components have the most direct impact on the performance of your new computer, and downgrading these components can lead to you becoming disappointed with the performance of your new computer very quickly.

You will also need to take shipping considerations into account when building your own gaming computer. Computer hardware can sometimes be very heavy or bulky, making it difficult to ship and causing shipping costs to be higher than expected. The best way to avoid having to agonize over shipping considerations is to purchase all of your required hardware from a single website. This way, all of your parts will be shipped together and you minimize shipping costs.

The key point to remember is that you have to calculate how much everything you require will cost you before you order it, not forgetting to include the shipping costs. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a credit card bill larger than you can afford, which would definitely detract from your enjoyment of your brand new gaming computer.