Building A Storage Shed Door That Will Not Fall Off Its Hinges

A storage shed door is one part of the structure that gets the least attention. People place focus on the foundation and the roof, but will generally buy a standard door for the structure, install it and hope for the best.

The shed door is the section of the entire shed that gets used the most and is more than likely the first section that will experience wear. The door will typically vary significantly in size as its size is dependent on the reason for building the shed. You may not need a massive door if you are only going to store garden tools and not larger items, such as a small garden tractor.

Two ways to go about

Most sheds are built to store items such as a lawnmower or wheelbarrow. The size of these items places the door at risk of being smashed into and its hinges being dislodged. In view of the potential problems, you should consider obtaining a suitable door for you to be able to transfer equipment in and out of the shed. To ensure that the door will withstand the potential abuse, you have two options – the ledged and the ledged embraced doors.

Building A Storage Shed Door That Will Not Fall Off Its Hinges

The first stage of installing a door in your shed is to take accurate measurements. The door is vital to the safety of whatever you store in your structure, so you need to ensure that it is correctly fitted and the first place to start with these are accurate measurements. Take care not to ignore the space required by the hinges.

Cut the door equally

This point is often overlooked and the door may stick when it is opened and closed. If the door is not cut equally, you may experience an uneven door that does not fit properly. This may cause the regular opening and closing of the door to damage the frame.

When you make a choice of wood for your door, you have the choice of opting for a finished or a rough cut. The main consideration to make here is that the lumber is completely dry. If it is not, it will experience shrinkage when the wood eventually dries. The thickness should be at least one inch.

Cut wood for the door braces

Once you have made the decision regarding the type of wood and done the measurement, you will have to cut it to size. After you have cut the boards, you should assemble it and take final measurements. You will need to cut wood for the door braces, which normally needs three pieces.

One section is put across the top section of the door, another for the bottom, and a third piece which is placed diagonally across the door length. At the end of this, it should be in a Z-shape. You can either nail or glue these to the door.

The next step is to measure for the hinges that will fit your door jamb and the door. All that is needed now is to screw in the hinges, and your door is done. If you wish to add a gate latch or a handle, this can be done before you attach the door to the frame.