Brief History of 5 Element Martial Arts

5 Element Martial Arts are the result of over two thousand years of evolution in the Chinese Martial Arts. During this time, generations of brilliant and dedicated men and women developed the various techniques and training methods that we can benefit from today.

Shaolin temples

In the past, the strength of these techniques was tested and proven in combat. The strongest of came from the Shaolin Temples, due to their rigorous training philosophies and principles. Shaolin martial arts were designed for the monks’ self-defense, along with the development of their minds and bodies so they could endure the rigors of their spiritual training.

Almost every martial art style either directly descends from Shaolin or has been dramatically influenced by their physical techniques and their emphasis on developing the mind and body using martial arts training.

One of the most notable descendants of Shaolin Martial Arts is the Taoist styles of Internal Martial Arts such as Tai Chi Chuan. Taoist monks, of the Wudang Temples, realized the strength in Shaolin training and evolved it to fit their own needs and express their ideology and beliefs.

Taoist roots

Taoist philosophy and tradition, and thus its Martial Arts, pursue vitality, longevity, spiritual balance, and mental growth. These pursuits guide them, and us, towards an understanding of the Tao, the flow of life and its challenges, in the hopes of leading balanced, happy lives.

5 A great deal of this philosophy solidifies element Martial Arts. This philosophy is universal in application, flexible in nature, and can be combined with any set of beliefs or positive ideals to enhance their goals.

Brief History of 5 Element Martial Arts
5 Martial arts

The Instructors at 5 Element Martial Arts are the students’ source and connection to the vast wealth of knowledge that makes up the Chinese Martial Arts. Today, with the advent of the ‘information age’ and without the traditional need for secrecy, many masters are now sharing this knowledge with the West.

Instructors are learners too!

The Instructors at 5 Element Martial Arts are always striving to achieve higher skill levels and find sources to further their understanding of the Martial Arts. The Instructors seek out these masters and position themselves to gain the necessary knowledge for continued growth.

One part of this knowledge may have taken one or more master’s lives to achieve. Their trials and errors have evolved the map and directions for us to follow to faster attain the benefits of their level.

The founding principles of 5 Element Martial Arts are rooted in our openness to the knowledge of martial arts’ history and how we take advantage of it. We strive to keep an open mind and keep the influences of our own limited experience from diluting the proven knowledge of Martial Arts history. In this way, the knowledge can be passed, undiluted, so that the dedicated student will reap the most significant rewards from their training.

With these founding principles at the heart of their efforts, Instructors Troy and Matthew sought to expand their Martial Arts knowledge, and through their dedicated efforts found Dr. Jian Lin, Master Te-Ching Jerry Cook, Master Jinheng Li, and Master Kong Xiandong.

They diligently studied these masters’ teachings, striving to assimilate their knowledge, improve their abilities, and develop a balanced system of Martial Art Instruction. Finally, in 1998 Inst. Troy and Matthew founded 5 Element Martial Arts.

Together they teach the philosophy of the 5-Element Training System to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive system of Chinese Martial Arts. Inst. Troy and Inst. Matthew has combined their extensive knowledge to create a synergistic system of Martial Arts that dedicated students will immensely benefit from.

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