Breast Lift Solution for Post Weight Loss Sagging

Breast tissue that is sagging is often a side effect of losing a substantial amount of weight. At our breast clinic, we see many patients who are disappointed that after months of concentrated effort to lose unwanted pounds, they are now contending with the issue of breasts in which the connective tissue has become smaller and looser after weight loss.

Sometimes after weight loss, breasts look flatter rather than fuller and voluptuous, and they often take on a strange, elongated shape. Breasts after losing a considerable amount of weight simply don’t retain the firmness that was obvious when more fat was present in the breasts, giving them both shape and size.

Saggy breasts?

If sagging breasts are a problem that makes a woman feel unhappy and self-conscious after dramatic weight loss, a consultation with one of our breast surgeons is warranted. Before arranging for a consultation at our breast clinic, a woman may want to try several non-surgical options for achieving much firmer breasts after weight loss. Several exercises can be performed regularly that are designed to help firm chest muscles.

These include push-ups, chest flys performed holding a small weight in each hand, performing bicep curls using TRX suspension bands, and a “C” sweep movement done while holding weights in each hand. These exercises are designed to lift the pectoral muscles so that breasts can naturally look much firmer. But even when done regularly, activities can only do so much to eliminate sagging.

To prevent breasts that look saggy after weight loss, it’s essential to be fitted with a supportive bra that accommodates the new size and shape of the breast. Sports bras with underwire support can perform lifting and firming action. Sleeping on your back can also prevent breasts from sagging even more.

Collagen creams

And using creams containing collagen can help to firm sagging breasts. But none of these temporary solutions are as effective in eliminating post weight loss breast sagging as surgical procedures that directly address the underlying causes of sagging.

After an examination of your particular situation with one of our breast surgeons, you may want to consider scheduling either breast lift and breast augmentation surgery (learn more about breast augmentation here). We are specialists at knowing how to restore the fullness, symmetry, and upper breast volume that is often involved when breast tissue starts to sag, making the individual look and feel much older than they are.

Breast Lift Solution for Post Weight Loss Sagging

Breast Implant

In some cases of sagging breasts, we may recommend a breast implant because it can provide the best solution for restoring both volume as well as fullness to one or both breasts.

A breast implant can be scheduled as a separate procedure to help eliminate sagging breasts or scheduled at the same time as a breast lift. As board-certified plastic surgeons, our healthcare professionals are experts at recommending and performing a treatment plan that is tailor-made for the patient’s specific needs and situation.

Our breast surgeons have dealt with the concerns of hundreds of patients who have experienced the disappointment of sagging breasts that often accompany a significant loss of weight.

But patients who want a safe and permanent solution to sagging breasts after weight loss have found they are very satisfied with the results from breast lift and breast augmentation surgery. Here’s a nice article on the anatomy of natural breasts.