How To Dump A Person without breaking his heart

Are you stuck in a relationship that you do not need to take forward? Are you finding it tough to tell your man that you want to break up? If yes, then the following piece of advice will help you ditch him without causing a heartbreak.

When you have decided that the man you’re seeing is not the one for you, you want to prepare yourself for the ‘breakup talk’ that you finally must-have. If you’re feeling guilty, you may want to stall talking about the choice for some time. However, you have to understand that dragging it out will only make the breakup more upsetting when it happens. So, Therefore, if you have accepted that you need to call it quits, you will find yourself more inclined to speak about things frankly.

First, give indications

However, do not spring your call on your man out of the blue. Lead up to it and give every indication of something being wrong with the relationship. Start insisting on your autonomy and ask your bloke to offer you some space to do what you are feeling like doing without him around. Initially, your man may not like these changes and be even hesitant to do so. However, you need to be persistent about what you want. It may give your fellow a pointer about your inner feelings.

Long-distance relationship

Another sure shot measure to dump a man is to state that you need to pursue your career or studies overseas. It could make things less damaging and more useful for you and him. This is because carrying on with a long-distance relationship isn’t an easy job to take. There’s a good chance that your bloke would possibly not be interested in such a relationship and might call it off himself. If you think that he is still prepared to hold ahead with a long-distance relationship, you need to state that it’s troublesome for you.

Breakup Respectfully

Drop some hints

Begin to have long conversations about the things going wrong in the relationship. Pick up any such subject randomly in the middle of a standard discussion too. Through your talk, you can drop in hints that you are not satisfied with the way the relationship is going or the direction it is taking. You can also make him informed of the incompatibility between you 2. Support the statement with the examples that have happened in the relationship. Make your fellow aware of the difference that you two have and also state that it’s tough to sort them out absolutely.

Show him you’re not dumping him for another guy

If you wish to dump a guy, it is entirely understandable. However, it is essential to understand that you should never make the guy feel that you want to go in for some other guy by leaving him. It can prove to be an enormous blow to your guy’s ego, and so can make things very hurtful for him. You need to stipulate this. You need to part ways because of your issues with him and not because you are picking somebody else over him.

Dumping someone is almost like a tight rope walk act. Irrespective of what you say, you’re bound to hurt the other person. So be a little patient and cautious when dealing with the situation, and you can help reduce some of the pain.

Gone through a break-up recently? Don’t worry you can still get the best out of your life!