Bowling – 7 Essential Tips!

If you’ve been bowling for any length of time, you know that bowling is a mental game. You probably already know, that the single, primary difference between a good bowler and a great bowler is mastery of the mental game. But how can you learn to improve your ‘mental game’. Yes, there are some books on the subject, with principles scattered about here and there. There are articles on improving visualization and concentration and other related topics. But they’re hard to find and often contradictory.

Bowling Tips
Bowling Tips

The truth is, there just aren’t that many good, usable resources available for the person who’s serious about getting good at the mental side of bowling.

If it’s true that the mental game is the key that will quantum leap you as a bowler, then there should be a clearly defined set of instructions for mastering the mental game!

Because it’s my specialty (I’ve been a behavioral modeler and hypnotist by profession for over 21 years), I decided to create a mental game course, especially for bowlers.

I decided to take everything I know about the mental game and put it into one comprehensive course.

I wanted to put the essential habits of visualization, flow states, concentration, triggering peak states etc..the principles I’ve spent over 23 years learning and using in my coaching practice, into one comprehensive and easy to understand the course.

The course is hot off the press! It’s called Mastering The Mental Game, the 7 Secrets that Quantum Leap Skill Performance.

Here is a quick summary of what this course (74 pages, s spiral bound in a three-ring binder) will do for you:

• Help you integrate the 7 most important mental game principles directly into your game. • Make high level mental game habits easy to understand and simple to do.

• Show you how to apply mental game principles to any area of your life you want to improve.

Ok. Here they are – the 7 secrets of mastering the mental game! I’m going to go ahead and give you ‘ the big 7 ‘ secrets. In my experience, most bowlers (even professionals) don’t know what they really are. That’s understandable since they’re pretty subtle distinctions. Yes, you will have to actually order the course to learn how to do them. And of course, you’ll have to practice them to get really good at them. But what a difference the right practice makes! Here they are, right from the outline of my course.

As you read them, you may want to imagine you are already really good at these 7 things, and realize what is good at them will do for your game:

#1 Increase the pleasure you get during a specific part of your game In chapter 1, I’ll show you how to increase the pleasure you experience during a specific part of your game. I’ll show you how to identify the most pleasurable aspects of your game and how to increase that pleasure significantly. The increased pleasure you experience will cause you to want to do that activity more than ever before. Doing it more, and with more pleasure, will increase your skill automatically.

#2 Becoming exceptionally compelled In chapter 2, you’ll learn how to make yourself compelled. You’ll learn what types of images are the most compelling and what increases that compelling factor. You’ll also learn how to make certain your life is balanced in other areas, even though you are so compelled and obsessed in the one key area you’ve decided to focus on – bowling!

#3 Get better, faster in chapter 3, you’ll learn how to get better, faster. I’ll show you the most effective ways to make distinctions you can learn from, how to make more distinctions and how to implement them more quickly. Getting better faster will increase both your skill and your performance geometrically.

#4. Increase your intention and resolve Chapter 4 will show you how to create genuine intention and resolve. More importantly, it will show you how to trigger that resolve frequently so that it swells and increases into an incredible drive that causes you to be your best.

#5 Create confident expectation and then trigger it at precise times In chapter 5 I’ll teach you how to create the confident expectation that you will perform well. This specific kind of confidence acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy and causes you to perform at your best. I’ll show you how to use this new confidence to eliminate pre-competition nerves and replace them with that wonderful feeling of knowing you’re going to do well.

#6. Create and maintain a flow state In chapter 6 you’ll learn how to create and maintain a flow state. This will allow you to concentrate better and longer than ever before, and to enjoy what you’re doing so much that you get lost in it and don’t notice time passing for ours on end. This is a serious peak performance state. You’ll be able to stay in your optimum performance zone longer and so be at your best for longer periods of time.

# 7 Design a simple and easy to do mental game regimen and do it daily Finally, in chapter 7, I’ll teach you the most powerful mental game regimen I know. It’s a simple mental practice session that produces extraordinary results. It’s based on the 6 prior principles and is the fastest way to install them all into your own mind and neurology so that they all become automatic habits. This chapter will enable you to really use the principles in this course and to make them increase generatively so you improve geometrically.