How to Make Money From Online Blogging – Latest 4 Options

Setting up a blog is a relatively straightforward process with no programming knowledge required. There is a vast array of websites that provide the functionality to set up a blog yourself quickly. And the best part is it’s free.

When setting up your blog, you need to consider whether you want to register your domain name or opt to use a domain provided by the blogging service you registered with. If your looking to make money from your blog, I highly recommend registering your domain to ensure you have maximum control.

Here are four options available to make money online from blogging:

A blog can be based on any topic you choose. It’s best to go for something you’re familiar with and have a bit of knowledge about already. If opting to make money through advertising on your blog, you want to make sure there is a high enough cost per click for the keyword you’re targeting.

Here’s a nice video on making money with Adsense

If you decide to target a keyword that is only paying five cents per click, it will take a long time and copious amounts of traffic before you start making any money. Focus on keywords that have a good cost per click of at least one dollar, preferably two or three dollars. The higher, the better.

Promote Affiliate Products

Your next option is to tailor your blog around promoting affiliate products. First, you need to find an affiliate product that you could base your blog on. There are several factors you need to take into consideration when deciding what products to promote, such as the commission you’ll receive per sale, level of competition, and refund rate.

How to Make Money From Online Blogging – Latest 4 Options

Once you’ve found the product next, you need to provide valuable content on your blog that relates to the affiliate product you’ve chosen to promote. You could write articles relevant to the product and then put your affiliate link at the end of the article. Something like, “Want to learn more? Visit this website.”

Promote CPA Networks.

A CPA network will allow you to promote products through something called pay per lead. All these means, is you get paid upon referring someone to their website. Referring could mean getting a visitor to fill out a questionnaire on the site, sign up to an opt-in list, or even leave their postcode.

It doesn’t take much to get the commission. If you develop a blog around a similar topic to a pay per lead program your promoting, you could direct visitors on your blog to go and check out the pay per lead offer and make money this way.

Set up a review site.

Again, this would be tailored around affiliate products. Plenty of people make money online, reviewing affiliate products, and then referring visitors through their affiliate link. You don’t have to buy the product yourself, go and read other people’s reviews and then form your own opinion based on what you’ve read.