Bicep Toning Exercises – Ramp up your bicep workout!

Have you been training your biceps more than other muscles but are still not seeing growth? It may not be the workout, but how you do it.

You can easily target biceps for growth because they are a small muscle group. Many bodybuilders do not know how to build their arms efficiently, but when you start using a few essential biceps training techniques, you will get giant biceps. This article is specifically about a biceps routine if you want to know about building all the muscle groups, see this article.

Don’t overtrain!

Think about correcting the frequency of your workout and do not overtrain. The effectiveness of your biceps workout is decreased when you overtrain. This can be avoided if you use only one targeted workout consisting of six or more sets focused on the biceps only once a week. Using your biceps when doing other exercises during the week is okay, as long as you exclusively isolate the biceps once a week.

When isolating the biceps, be sure to use your full range of motion. People who work their biceps using hefty weights tend to use a small range of motion – they do not put their arm down, nor do they lift it.

Bicep Toning Exercises - Ramp up your bicep workout!

Extend the arm fully during exercise

The muscle will not grow with this shortened range because not all the muscles in the biceps are being used. Your biceps exercise should start with your arm fully extended to use every biceps muscle. You can check your extension by briefly flexing your tricep once the arm is down – you cannot do this unless your bicep is fully extended.

With your arm fully extended, check the position of your wrist. Your wrist should not be turned toward your forearm at this stage of the curl. Bending your wrist like this at the bottom of the curl actually takes stress off the biceps and puts it onto the forearm. If you want a big forearm, you can do the wrist curl as a separate exercise – but if you want giant biceps, you need to make sure your wrist is locked so that your knuckles are facing the ground.

You can tilt your wrist toward your forearm at the top of the curl and squeeze the muscle for 1 – 2 seconds to give the muscle some extra burn. This extra squeeze will push blood, water, and lactic acid to the muscle. During rest, these will be used to repair fibers and increase muscle mass.

A miraculous method

There is one more technique to get the greatest supination and improve your range of motion if you use a straight bar. This technique won’t work with dumbbells or the EZ Curl bar. With a straight bar, grip without your thumb. Put your thumb on the same side of the bar as your fingers.

Your pinky will be slightly higher and pointing in more toward your shoulder than it would be if the thumb were on the opposite side of the bar. This makes your contraction deeper at the top of the curl. You have to grip the bar harder to keep it in your hands, so you use [your forearm more.

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