The Best Position to Get Pregnant

Everyone knows that making love can be completed in a number of different positions. Maybe that is what makes it so fun and exciting for many couples. But, it might be causing some complications when it comes to conceiving a child.

That is why it is always best to know the best position to get pregnant. This article will examine a few different positions that are said to be the best for reaching this goal so that couples can begin using them on a regular basis in order to get pregnant.


The best position to get pregnant is definitely the missionary style. This is when the woman is on the bottom and the man is on top and they lay facing one another while they are flat on the floor or the bed. This is considered to be the best position to get pregnant because of the deep penetration that can be obtained.

The Best Position to Get Pregnant

It is believed that this makes it much easier for the man’s sperm to make their way to the egg. While some may think that this position is boring, it can be the most effective way to get pregnant when a couple is ready to start a family.


If the couple is looking for the sperm to be positioned right in front of the cervix so that it is able to make its way to the finish line without any obstacles or complications then they might want to think about having sex doggy style.

This is when the man enters from behind the woman and she is facing away from man. Many individuals believe that this position can be just as effective as the missionary style because the man is able to thrust much deeper and there is a much deeper penetration, just like with the missionary style.


Another position to consider is called spooning. Again, the man will enter from behind the woman as she has her back against his chest. Now, this position is not considered to give the best penetration during the sexual encounter but it is thought to be very effective because the man and woman are often very relaxed.

It is thought that this can help increase the chances of becoming pregnant. After all, who does not want to be relaxed and comfortable when they are making love to their partner?

Some would argue that the best position to get pregnant is any position that allows the man and woman to become completely involved in one another. They both need to be relaxed and stress-free so that they are able to enjoy each other’s company.

Don’t get stressed out!

Experts have found that women who are stressed out have a more difficult time getting pregnant. That is why it is often best to find a position that is comfortable for both the man and woman so that they will both be relaxed when they engage in sexual intercourse.

It has also been thought that couples how to have an orgasm together are more likely to conceive as well. That means that the best position to get pregnant would be a position that allows the man and woman to both be stimulated to the highest potential.

The position needs to be comfortable and pleasurable to both of them so that they can both reach their climax at the same time. When the man releases his sperm it will be able to make its way into the cervix as the female’s orgasm moves the sperm through with each contraction.

There are so many different positions for sexual intercourse that it is really about working with your partner and being open about what your needs are. When you are able to do this you will be able to find a position that works well for both of them. This will allow them both to relax and enjoy having sex with one another.

Each time that they engage in sexual intercourse that is comfortable and enjoyable they will be increasing their chances of getting pregnant. Finally, it is also important to remember that what works for one couple may not work for another. It really is best to identify what works best for you and your partner.