Best PDF Readers Review

A PDF reader (viewer) is a software that is mainly used to open Portable document format (PDF) files and explore data contents in it. One of the main advantages of the file format is, it is independent of operating systems, hardware, and software apps.

It is highly portable and easy to handle due to small in size and works on any device. You need the minimum support of this file format or PDF reader in your device. It is also one of the safe ways to transfer the files without any loss of contents, and you can also provide additional security by using paid PDF readers.

People PDF readers software for managing or reading PDF documents. All the viewers that are listed below are personally checked, and the pros and cons are included from the hands-on experience only.

Note: In the below-listed PDF readers, some of them can be used as PDF editor, creator, or providing some security to portable document format files and free from viruses, adware, and spyware.

Let us see the top paid or free PDF viewers list and also provide download links for users.

Top 7 Paid/Free PDF Readers

Nitro Pro PDF Reader Suit

According to our Hands-on review, the Nitro Pro PDF Reader suit is one of the best and multipurpose PDF readers. It provides a simple user-interface (looks like Microsoft Office interface) with a good arrangement of the tools. As a PDF reader, it provides good viewing and navigation experience to readers.

You can easily find anything inside your portable file by using the search bar, selecting the appropriate page views for each file, and also controls zoom in/out, rotation, etc.

Best PDF Readers Review

Nitro Pro PDF suit also allows you to work with multiple files at a time. It also includes the creation tool, which supports over 300 file formats for creating a portable document format file and also has a print feature that helps to convert any print option to PDF file. It is a very useful tool for people who are creating some research papers, business documents, etc. and want to secure it from others.

The negative side of Nitro PDF Pro suits are doesn’t support EPUB file format and not free for use. If you are searching for freeware PDF readers, Nitro Reader is available with minimum features. Read Nitro Pro Tutorials now.

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit Reader is a freeware PDFviewer that helps to open, create, convert, and edit pdf files. The new Foxit Reader includes security settings for securing the portable documents. It is one of the best free PDF readers, which is completely free for use, including a lot of features as compared to other paid or free viewers.

It has a very simple layout that has ribbon-style main toolbars and contains other tools. You can customize the tool arrangements as per your requirement. For the readers with less eye site, Foxit reader includes Read out Loud feature, which helps to read docs out loud through the speakers.

There is a paid version of Foxit reader available with extra featuring stuff, but the free version provides enough to intermediate PDF reader. It is highly portable and supports multiple languages. In my view, Free Foxit Reader is good for reading, and other features like editing, conversion, and creation of PDF’s is an asset.

If you don’t have any professional work with portable documents, I will recommend Foxit Reader in place of Acrobat Reader Pro or other paid software.

PDF-Xchange Viewer

PDF-Xchange Viewer is also a good PDF reader software that allows you to view and edit your PDF documents without any issues. It is a freeware business software, developed by Tracker Software. The reader user-interface is very simple and looks like professional PDF software.

It is lightweight (means small setup size) and performs very smoothly on my computer. The PDF-Xchange Viewer tools editing tools are well arranged and not making any trouble like other local freeware. The PDF editing tools of Xchange Viewer allow you to edit the document in the way of commenting, marking up important portions, measuring tools and link tools.

One of the main con is associated with Xchange Viewer is that no creation tools included in the free version. If you want PDF creation and convert tools, you need to buy the PDF-Xchange Pro version.

Adobe Reader DC

Adobe created the Portable document format and has its own PDF reader which is popular in the world. Adobe Reader DC is the free version of Acrobat, basically for PDF viewing and printing purposes. Because of the developer of portable document format, they keep the files original appearance.

The user interface is good looking and even a non-computer savvy can understand the tools in it. It allows to fill the forms within the form and handles very big files very easily as compared with other lightweight readers. Adobe Reader is a trusted application and it is very consistent in performance abilities.

Advanced features such as PDF creation, editing, merging multiple documents into one and adding security and protection (password encryption) can enable by paying some money. The main disadvantages are big setup files, very lengthy installation and needs a restart after full install. Checkout Adobe Acrobat Pro version for more features.

Adobe PDF Reader

Sumatra PDF

If you want to view the portable documents quickly, Sumatra PDF is best suited for you. It is an open-source PDF viewer, which is very slim and performs better than Adobe Reader in terms of viewing. The user-interface is really simple and completely concentrated on PDF viewing abilities.

It works faster than other PDF readers and highly portable also. Sumatra PDF helps to open eBooks (ePub), XPS, DjVu, comic books (CBZ and CBR), and CHM files in your Windows PC. It has no annotation feature contained in it.

Browser Built-in PDF Readers

Today, most of the popular browsers offer built-in PDF readers application, which allows viewing PDF files directly from online or offline (open in browser from a computer). The main two examples of such internet browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Like the other best PDF readers, built-in viewers are not contained many features like PDF creation, editing, conversion, security, etc. It only allows you to open portable docs very quickly and also allows you to zoom in/out, save, and print. This is one of the main con of built-in PDF readers.

But, if you only wish to view the portable files for a very small time period, it is recommended and no need to install separate viewer software. If you are using Windows 10, Microsoft Edge also contains reader application to viewing purposes.

Cool PDF Reader

Are you looking for small size PDF readers, especially for viewing purposes? Then you can download this Cool PDF Reader software, which is lightweight, fast in performance, and good in their desired functions. The user interface is not that impressive, and tool arrangements are also congested, because of the less size of this program.

But as in the sense of PDF viewer, it is one of the cool replacements for Adobe Reader. CoolPDF Reader contains slide shows feature, which helps to move pages automatically with a set period of time and enabled with portable document file conversion to other useful formats like TXT, PNG, JPG, etc. It is also freeware that works finely with the windows operating system.


Here listed is one of the top PDF readers found on the internet, mainly suitable for windows operating system users. You could download software according to your usage. If you want a PDF reader with more features, recommend the Nitro Pro. Foxit, Xchange viewer, and Sumatra PDF readers.

Adobe readers DC is very good for reading, but as compared to competitors, adobe has a lot of disadvantages. The latest internet browsers also have built-in apps for supporting this portable document file format. If you prefer only for reading, Adobe Reader DC free version is highly recommended.

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