5 Best Cars for Long Road Trips

Long-distance travel has always been a dichotomous undertaking. On the one hand, the concept of taking a road trip denotes freedom and adventure, a sort of unplanned exploration that cannot be had with other forms of travel.

You can stop wherever you like, make side trips to see places or attractions along the way, and figure out where you’re eating, sleeping, and so on as you go. But the other side of the coin is that your trip is going to take a lot longer than if you were to fly or travel by train, for example.

And this means many hours spent in the company of whoever happens to be going with you, possibly in a slightly uncomfortable automobile. The truth is, there’s no perfect car for a road trip. But some are better than others, and you need to find the one that best suits your needs. So here are just a few of the best potential cars for your time spent on long-distance travel.


There is no better way to kick off your few days of freedom than by putting the top down and letting the wind blow through your hair like you’re riding off into the proverbial sunset.

Of course, this form of transportation isn’t going to work for a large family. Still, if you’re hitting the road for a romantic weekend away with your honey or you’ve corralled a couple of friends for a few days in Vegas, there’s no better way to travel, especially if you happen to be going during the summer.

Nothing will give you the feeling of abandon that road trips are famous for like blasting the music and reveling in the open-air feel of a convertible.


Subcompact cars may get better mileage, but when you’re going on 12 hours in the car, you’ll be glad for the extra legroom and other amenities provided by the average 4-door vehicle. Whether you’re traveling with two or more passengers or going solo, having adjustable seats and plenty of room for snacks and packs is a must for any road trip.

5 Best Cars for Long Road Trips


Family travel is undoubtedly made more comfortable when you have a minivan at your disposal. Not only will adults and kids alike enjoy the extra room (for both people and cargo) that this type of vehicle provides, but some of the extras will make your trip a lot easier.

Doors that open at the click of a button, for example, could make loading and unloading far less hassle. And entertainment options like monitors, headphone jacks (or Bluetooth headphones), DVD players, and hookups for game consoles will keep the kids busy so that parents don’t have to listen to them complain the whole way.


This vehicle falls somewhere between a sedan and a minivan on the scale of comfort, convenience, and cargo room. On the one hand, it will give you more room than your average sedan, but it won’t be quite as comfortable or spacious as a minivan. On the other hand, it’s bound to be sportier and easier to park than a large family vehicle.

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You can head to Audi to look at their lineup of diesel cars, choosing an alternative fuel vehicle of any kind could help you to save money on your road trip. With so many options these days for alternative fuel vehicles, you don’t have to give up any of the comfort or amenities you’ve grown accustomed to with your average SUV, minivan, sedan, or even convertible. What you will enjoy is greatly improved gas mileage everywhere you go and the money-saving that comes with it.