Best Balcony Plants In 2020

Stephen Swock

The balcony is like a business card of our house, it is one of the first visible elements outside. We try to take care of its aesthetics, enriching it with plants. Furnish the balcony is a real art. Can we also objects such as vases, sculptures and sofas. In this guide, we see the best balcony plants recalling that can also become a real garden!

Make sure you have on hand:

Vases of various sizes Flowers or seeds Good quality potting soil manure

First we must understand where if the balcony is north or south. It is important to understand how many hours a day from the sun’s rays illuminate and how much space we have to position the plants. If the balcony is south it is good to put the plants that need heat and sunlight. If our terrace is concrete remember that the sun in summer accumulates and slowly disperse into the night. It could happen that although the balcony is facing south, the sun will face a hard time filtering. This due to the presence of artifacts or condominiums located just behind the same. We can place the planters on the balcony of the largest, but also the plants.

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The best plants for a balcony facing north are all aromatic plants, which are also excellent ornamental plants. Examples are thyme, chives, all plants that require little care. It is also advisable to place the flowering plants like lavender scent enveloping and festive colors. Even the Turkish carnations in pastel colors that love the sun and do not require special care or small daisies perennials. As regards the geraniums French, they make many flowers and last long. The choice may also fall on the heather which is also perennial flowers amaranth. Inside the balcony we can put the cacti and succulents like aloe vera of various types.