How To Become A Famous Rapper

The rapper is no doubt one of the most desirable careers on earth nowadays; in other words, it’s an excellent way to get fame quickly today.

Have you ever heard about a 17-year old student, living in Hackney, Eastern England, who refused an offer from the prestigious Cambridge College and kept pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper instead? It sounds crazy, but no one can disclaim rap music’s attraction.

There are some principles you need to follow (or seriously consider) if you want to answer the question “how to become a famous rapper.”

1. Be able to get sensitive to rap music’s beauty

Because their many people who daily listen to rap music can not clearly and convincingly present the uniqueness of this kind of music (or even can not explain the meaning of what they were listening to). So, how to become a famous rapper if you have never really perceived and “understood” the rap music?

How To Become A Famous Rapper

Therefore, the first thing you should focus on is to learn about everything related to a specific rap song (something like the context in which this song had been issued; the personality of a singer and the true meaning hidden behind every word). Remember that you could only achieve the pinnacle of your success if you profoundly understood what you’re doing.

2. Learn to compose a rap song yourself

A famous rapper must own the ability to quickly and creatively create a rap song (which I think people can practice achieving). The words should come from ordinary life, and the melody would have to be natural and straightforward like breath.

You had better make your rap song sound like you’re aiming at a specific subject that everybody would probably know, but in reality, you would never mention his or her name. In my opinion, that’s the ability to create humor and drive people crazy about it.

3. Good ability of imagination

It is essential when you try to answer the question of how to become a famous rapper. Some people show their aptitude for a materialistic image of everything (ranging from people, house, gossip story, to women) and being able to present (or promote) them through your song, MV, and clothing-style.

4. Be Honest and Brave

“How to become a famous rapper”? You have to act like a warrior, which means using words and melody to reappear the bare life, to satirize bad people’s habit and other ridiculous figures. The public got interested in something real and aggressive, so you should pay more attention to your surroundings and express your attitude about these facts through rap songs.

In conclusion, to answer the question: “how to become a famous rapper,” you have to continue improving your internal force like creation and imagination ability. You also should invest more time and effort to learn deeply about rap music and observe the life surrounding.

Finally, I hope that after reading this article, you all could determine a quite obvious path of how to become a famous rapper for yourself. While you’re here you might want to learn how to wield this powerful weapon called FL Studio.