How To Become Famous On YouTube

There are many means of multimedia which can help you quickly come to the public, but most of them require your money, talent and maybe some special relationships. However, nowadays, there are more and more talented people in the world trying to make their living being “Youtube famous” due to the fact that Youtube is totally free and easy to spread your fame.

Therefore, “how to become famous on Youtube” becomes the most urgent and hottest question today. Even the very well-known singer teenager Justin Bieber would never become famous like he is today if millions of people on Youtube were not watching him sing. So, you could gain fame by following the simple and step-by-step plan below of how to become famous on Youtube.


Think about what’s your talent that you can display to other people. You had better write down all of your strengths onto a sheet of paper. You might think about something like playing a musical instrument, performing a cute comedy, singing, representing your opinions about a burning issue of the day or making a video to guide people to do something.

How To Become Famous On YouTube

It’s up to you but you have to assure that you’re really good at what you intend to do otherwise no one will come to and watch your video at all. So, how to become famous on Youtube? It’s simply making the best video in your field of interest.

Do Research!

It would be better if you spend time to watch and research some videos on Youtube that really drew attraction from millions of viewers previously. Why should you pay attention to such videos? Well, the first thing is the style or key point that made such a video worth watching.

Many people were carried along with a music video through the singer’s beautiful voice meanwhile the others focus on the amazing landscape or unique context. Likewise, you could be also interested in a humorous and funny video.

There are many ways to attract the viewers, thus what you need to do is choosing one best suiting your ability and aptitude. In summary, the second point of how to become famous on Youtube that is choosing your appropriate style to make your own video.

Quality is the most important aspect

Both technical quality and quality of content contribute 90% of you becoming famous on Youtube. I could start off by saying something about how you can set up and make a video with excellent technical quality. At first, you should choose a descriptive username that is quite easy to understand and remember.

It’s very important because when someone starts getting interested in your videos, he probably wants to find more and share them with his friends. So, if you have a “zigzag” username, it will take people more time and effort to find more of your videos.

After that, please remember to include all of your possible information and contact detail in your video. People consider your video more believable if they could take a detailed look at the author. And the secret of how to become famous on Youtube is that you have to make a trustworthy relationship between you and your audiences.

Finally, pleasing the viewer using the quite good camera or recorder when making your video, in my opinion, I have never stood watching videos with 240p or very poor sound and image quality no matter how excellent its content is.

Moving onto the video’s content, one of the most effective tips that people usually use is that you should show your video to close family and friends and thus, get an honest appraisal of your talent. Furthermore, try to make a quite attractive introduction and conclusion to take sympathy from your viewers.