How To Become Famous Fast

People seem to be impatient for getting fame because many of them do not own any exceptional talent. However, as might be expected, fame has different faces, and you still have a chance to answer the question of how to become famous fast even when you’re not quite talented.

The followings are some suggestions which may help you with how to become famous fast, but you should carefully and cautiously apply any of them to your situation. Please keep in mind the expression “Fast come, fast go.”

1. Sex tape

It is heart-breaking to admit that people especially show their special interests in handmade sex-tape no matter who the main character in the tape is. People probably still remember how fast the sex tape video of either Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton spread on the Internet in recent times. It could be the easiest and fastest way to raise your popularity today.

How To Become Famous Fast

Beyond that, you do not need to upload your sex tape regularly to become famous (just kidding); use one tape only, and you would solve your query of how to become famous fast. I’ve never encouraged everyone to apply this double-edge method to obtain fame, so think carefully about this.

2. Get in or Break Guinness World Records

No one gets unknown about the Guinness Book since it has helped millions of people become famous and is recognized worldwide. The interesting point is that this method never requires any special abilities or talents to become famous. So, how to become famous fast with Guinness Book?

What you need to do is merely taking part in a weird or unprecedented competition or event. Alternatively, you may take advantage of any of your unique characteristics (extremely long hair, enormous finger, ability to attract iron like a magnet, etc.) to spread your fame through means of communication.

Surprisingly, about one-fourth of the records in the Guinness Book has broken annually, which significantly reflects the strong passions of people around the world who want to become famous.

3. Musical Disaster

I used to think that there have never been worse than accidentally “standing” a terrible music video at my weekend. However, the fact is that people have been attracted by something unique, extraordinary, and maybe abnormal. Lady Gaga’s style is quite convincing proof.

Many “absurd singers” in my country (showing no aptitude at all in musical aesthetics) still day by day produce their MV with crazy performance style and terrible singing voice. However, the public, despite relentlessly criticizing all of them, even watch and share them with their friends.

A few months ago, one such MV even jumped up to the 1st rank in one of the prestigious music board websites in my country (ranking is based on the number of voters). In short, regarding this method, how to become famous fast? Try covering something hot today and make it as unique, strange, and abnormal as you can.

Remember to seriously invest in the technical quality of the MV unless it would bring about the harmful effects instead (since the audiences would consider your product as rubbish, no more no less). If you wanna become famous, you need social skills.