What education is needed to become a registered nurse in 2020?

The American health care professionals are depleting in number. As the population grows bigger and a lot of Americans are getting older, there will be a greater need for healthcare professionals to take care of this sector of the American population.

A lot of Americans would love to be a nurse. The increasing demand for nurses throughout the nation produces a lot of nursing jobs for them. There are numerous educational programs to become a registered and licensed nurse in the United States of America.

Nurses are significant

Registered nurses play a very significant role in promoting health and wellness. They serve as a team player for the entire healthcare in collaboration with other health professionals. Nurses do carry out Doctor’s orders and team up with all the health team members for the faster recovery of the patient. Registered nurses have various roles to assume. They are considered to be a patient advocate since nurses do uphold the rights of the patient.

Those who aspire to be nurses can choose a career ladder program to improve their nursing knowledge. The primary degree programs are AND (Associate Degree in Nursing), the BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) and HDP (Hospital Diploma Program. These are all eligible to take the NCLEX –RN licensure examination or the CGFNS –RN licensure exam. These main degrees can start from becoming a CN A or a Certified Nurse Assistant, which is the first step in the program of nursing education.

what education is needed to become a registered nurse
A registered nurse

Those who already acquired LVN (Licensed Vocational Nursing) or LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing) are qualified to take the NCLEX-LPN exam. Both the CN A or a Certified Nurse Assistant) can also serve in healthcare institutions. They can work in various hospital settings like the convalescence hospital, specialty hospitals, and tertiary hospitals.

Nurses are considered to be teachers. In the academic setting, nurses become teachers to their patients and aspiring nurses. Patient education or what we call client education plays a vital role in fostering the easier and faster recovery from any disease condition. A nurse is a vital member of the hospital in administering health care. Nurses are expected to work with all sorts of individuals.

Nurses are culturally sensitive

They keep in mind the importance of diplomatic and cordial delivery of healthcare to patients and clients from various walks of life. Nurses must be culturally sensitive because nursing care must respect the different cultural, spiritual, and individual concerns of the patient. A nurse is one of the critical people in any establishment or company. Being a nurse is more than just a profession; it is a devotion to an essential service, and that is providing care to those who are physically and emotionally ill.

To become a nurse, you need a solid foundation in Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology as well as Medical and Surgical cases. These foundations can bring out the nursing concepts to be carried out into efficient and effective nursing care. Becoming a registered nurse is a challenging endeavor. It is not easy. However, if you become one, the fruit of your career is all worth the hardships you have gone through before.

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