How To Become A CPA As Easily As Possible

Become a CPA, and you will be able to take part in some of the most important work which takes place in the finance sector. There is a constant need for publicly listed companies to be audited so that the public and potential stock buyers can see what the situation is with a particular business whenever they need to.

This process has been the subject of controversy and scandal in recent times, but these difficulties are still relatively rare and the system still works effectively most of the time.

Strict Requirements

These audits are not the only work that an accounting firm will get involved in, but it is the most important. It is the reason why CPA accountants get paid the high salaries which they do, and it is the reason why it needs to be as tricky as it is to qualify to work in this field.

How To Become A CPA As Easily As Possible

You won’t be able to work at this level when you first join a CPA firm, as you will need to complete a year of actual work before you can take the final examination to qualify as a CPA. There is a strict chain of events which you need to follow exactly if you are to achieve your target, and there are no short cuts.

Staff Accountants grow to be CPAs

The CPA firm which carries out this vital work, will be comprised of employees at all different levels. Even though the senior accountants will be the ones who carry out the actual auditing, there will be work that will need to be delegated to those working at a basic level.

Any CPA firm needs staff accountants who can carry out this work, and this also allows them to employ people who may one day be able to take their career further by passing the CPA examination.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

If you genuinely want to become a CPA, you will need to start by obtaining a bachelor’s degree through the United States college system. (Need help regarding this? Read our article on applying to a University.) You do not need to attend the college physically, only to take the course.

If you are a young person with no immediate dependents or distinct responsibilities, you may want to think about the possibility of attending the campus. There will be an opportunity to interact with other people who may be useful to you in the future, and there is always the social side of attending college, which will appeal to many.

Those who are not able to physically attend college for two years will be able to study online, either through the same colleges which offer the campus programs or through dedicated online learning providers. This type of study is ideal for those who need to keep their income coming in while they study for their new career, and it can be just about as flexible as you choose.

Finally, the Exam!

Once you have your bachelor’s degree, you will be able to enter the accountancy profession at the most basic level. You can then start earning money in your chosen career while you complete your studies.

You will only become a CPA when you can complete a year in actual work and then get through the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. This is the qualification that allows you to practice at the highest level, although you will still need to convince an employer of your worth to be able to do this.

As you are completing that year at work, make sure that you keep studying with online study guides so that you don’t forget any of the material you have learned. Also, take practice examinations, as these will help you get through the real one and become a CPA.