How to become a bartender – Different ways to become a bartender

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If you would like to learn how to become a bartender, there are three things you need to have – the skills, a sharp mind, and the right attitude. You cannot just say that you will get a job as a bartender, but you do not have any experience in bartending.

You only know that a bartender prepares and serves a variety of beverage orders from soft drinks to alcoholic drinks to customers in bars, restaurants, and hotels. He stands behind a bar mixing liquors and cocktails, at the same time, demonstrate excellent customer service. He fills the orders either from customers directly at the bar or for serving staff for customers in dining areas.

Aside from mixing drinks and serving them to customers, a bartender also prepares his garnishes for the drinks he makes, keeps the bar area clean and stock ice, glasses, and other bar supplies. He may also operate a cash register and place food orders for the customers at the bar. He is responsible for taking inventory and ordering the needed supplies.

Learning how to become a bartender

There are different ways on how to become a bartender. You need to have a high school diploma but many employers today prefer applicants with sufficient experience and completion of bartending school. And since you are new, you might want to learn the basics about how to become a bartender.

How to become a bartender – Different ways to become a bartender

Nowadays, there are a lot of schools and colleges which offer the course on how to become a bartender. There are training certificates and even degrees in bartending. Choose a bartender school that has a good reputation and a good placement record. A good bartending school will teach you how to mix drinks, store liquor, serve drinks and other things a bartender has to know. You will learn also how to handle various types of customers.

There are also online schools that offer the course on how to become a bartender and may take about 40 hours only to complete, but learning in a real school is more interactive and hands-on. An alcohol seller certification is required by some states and employers.

You have to check whether the state and bar you want to work in has certification requirements. This is awarded after you complete a special course. Then you have to practice what you learn in a bartending school on how to become a bartender.

In fact, you need to practice a lot because you will never be good at bartending without constant practice. You have to allot time to increase your speed in mixing drinks, learn how to mix new drinks and improve your skill.

How to become a bartender without experience

But if you do not want to attend a bartending class on how to become a bartender, you can still get the job you want. You may look for a bar that you like to work at and offer to work for free for a night or two. This will serve as a try out for you for the bartender job.

This is a great way to prove that you are dedicated to your work and since you do not have bartending experience, you can also prove to your potential employer that even if you lack experience, you are a hard worker. And you are willing to learn how to become a bartender.

Another important thing to remember on how to become a bartender is to like being around people and being comfortable with that. You must be able to handle pressure, maintain a cool, happy attitude and ignore any pain and stress you might go through. You should possess excellent customer relations skills because you will deal with different customers all the time. You must be able to relate and communicate with them courteously.

Deciding on how to become a bartender

Bartending is not just mixing and serving drinks to customers at a bar or hotel. It is important that you know how to become a bartender and the other things associated with it. A good bartending education is an essential factor plus a lot of experience which you can have if you are really decided on how to become a bartender.

You can start working in small bars or even a bowling alley where you can train and gain experience. Choosing to bartend as a profession has many benefits and the work is challenging and enjoyable too.

And it can be extremely profitable. You cannot only find a job in pubs and bars but will also have opportunities on how to become a bartender in hotels, private clubs, trains, and even luxury ships. Read this article to negotiate the best salary.