Baking Soda for Environment Friendly Cleaning

While the seriousness of the global air pollution problem is un-debatable. We tend to view such pollution as something we only encounter ‘out there’ when we breathe in dirty fumes from factories and car exhaust pipes.

Pollution Inside Our Homes

And while there is indeed a lot of air pollution ‘out there’ few of us are actually aware that we face more air pollution right inside our homes rather than ‘out there’.

Air Quality is Worse Inside Our Homes

Documented research findings have consistently shown that air quality inside our homes tends to be much poorer than the quality of air ‘out there’ even when the comparative samples happen to be taken in highly polluted industrial towns.

So what can we do about this pollution right in our backyards?

Baking Soda for Environment Friendly Cleaning

Improving the Air

Well, a good place to start improving on the air quality in our homes is by opting for more environment-friendly cleaning aids, given that poor choice of cleaning aids tends to be one of the leading causes of the pollution in our backyards.

The Properties of Baking Soda

In this regard then, we might consider exploiting all the properties of baking soda (which is an environment-friendly natural chemical) in our cleaning. Few of us know the full powers of baking soda. For the most part, the best use we can imagine for this potent natural chemical is that of keeping our refrigerators fresh.

But the fact that baking soda can keep the refrigerator clean shows that this environment-friendly natural chemical has an amazing efficacy in cleaning that we can make use of. A paste of baking soda on a sponge or cloth, for instance, can be used as a replacement for synthetic scouring powders and used to clean anything from floors to tiles and pans (using different sponges of course).

And as anyone who has previously used it will aver, baking soda as a cleaning agent is actually more effective than the synthetic scouring powders in most, if not all, of these roles.

Affective Combination

Combined with a little white vinegar, baking soda can effectively replace glass cleaners, and the resulting combination of baking soda and a little white vinegar often turns out to be more effective than commercial glass cleaners, which are also major pollutants.

Adding a little vinegar to baking soda and pouring the mixture into your toilet bowl can effectively do away with the need for you to use synthetic toilet cleaner formulations, which too, tend to be major pollutants, a fact which anyone would aver to upon encountering the heavy chemical fumes they tend to leave in their wake.

All you have to do here is pour the baking soda-vinegar mixture into the bowl as mentioned, let the mixture rest for a while and then using a brush, clean the toilet as you always do.

Great Solution

By using baking soda as a cleaning agent in your home, you get to kill a couple of birds with the same stone. You, for one, get a way to do away with the pollution that the use of synthetic chemicals would have caused you, while at the same time saving yourself some good money, as baking soda is extremely cheap, at least as compared to the synthetic and highly polluting formulations you would otherwise use for the same purposes.