Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Your Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, automatic or manual, is here, priced right and ready to ship today. Blood Pressure Monitors by Omron are known worldwide for accuracy and durability. Omron is a leader in the industry offering the latest technology in medical equipment and one of their stand out products is their blood pressure monitoring equipment.

WHAT IS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? Everyone has blood pressure. It is the force of blood against the walls of the arteries. This force is created by the heart as it pumps blood to all parts of the body. In some people, blood pressure is nearly always higher than it should be. Doctors still do not know what causes most high blood pressure, but they can help you control it.

WHAT DOES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE DO TO YOUR BODY? High blood pressure adds to the workload of the heart and arteries. The heart must pump with more force, and the arteries must carry blood that is moving under greater pressure. If high blood pressure continues for a long time, the heart and the arteries may not function as well as they should and other body organs may also be affected. There is increased risk of stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and heart attack.

WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? If you have high blood pressure, you can do a great deal to reduce it. First, work with your doctor to determine the best treatment for you. It may include a low-fat, low-sale diet, and changes in your living habits such as losing weight and getting more exercise. Smoking should also be avoided because it is another major risk factor for heart disease. Reducing your alcohol intake may also be recommended.

Your doctor may recommend that you measure your own blood pressure at home. Taken regularly, your measurement records may help your doctor evaluate your condition and treatment.

Below images of nine leaders in the arena of blood pressure monitors. We bring these at great prices and as always, low shipping!

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Omron Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-711AC

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-711AC is one of the best and most economical digital blood pressure monitors on the market today. The Digital Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-711AC features the latest technology with the Intellisense contoured arm cuff that fits arm sizes 9″ to 13″ in circumference. An optional large cuff is available for arm sizes 13″ to 17″. This blood pressure monitor has a memory capable of storing 14 sets of readings. Every time you complete the measurement, the digital blood pressure monitor automatically stores blood pressure and pulse rate. An AC adapter is included to minimize battery usage and allow for an optional method of operation. Five Year Warranty.

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-705CP With Intellisense

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-705CP with printer is the ideal blood pressure monitor for those who need to keep record of their blood pressure measurements .Omron’s HEM-705CP’s printer prints out systolic, diastolic and pulse measurements with date and time in both numerical and bar graph form. Features include an easy to wrap Intellisense Cuff for personalized inflation. The standard cuff fits arms 9″ to 13″ in circumference. Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with printer HEM-705CP comes with a 28 memory storage for easy recording and recall. Optional AC adapter converts the monitor to electrical operation. Five Year Warranty.

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-773AC With Intellisense

The Hem-773AC has the patented easy wrap cuff pre-formed arm cuff to fit arms 9” to 17”. The Easy Wrap Cuff will now fit standard and large arms eliminating the need for 2 different cuffs. The monitor also has a Built-in Cuff Compartment that provides protective cuff storage, and the convenience of storing monitor and cuff together The IntelliSense Technology offers personalized inflation for maximum comfort for each individual AC. The AC adapter is included. Two Person Memory Storage and separate memory storage makes recall of past readings easy for two (2) individuals to keep track and record their own personal measurements (21 Memory Each = 42 Memory Total) Date and Time Stamp.