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It is one of the most unpleasant situations when a common America gets in trouble because of car accident and inevitable citation comes in a letter. However Americans are lucky because in such cases they do not have to think over where to take money to cover all those expenses that have arose because of one unlucky moment in their life. For such purposes they have car insurance that is their rescue ticket in case of a trouble. What is more, some states have made liability insurance compulsory. I assume that it is a right decision that will improve a lot of lives of people. Courts are heavy on those who are not covered with the minimal liability insurance. Due to this novelty people are able to avoid many problems connected with collisions.

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Technologies Rapid Growth

However, due to rapid growth of new technologies auto insurance claims became more and more usual thing. For example, one company has invented a new way in which person can submit his/her insurance claim. For that purposes drivers can use their i-phones with the help of which they can submit their auto insurance claim. All this is possible because of the phone’s camera that is available in the i-phone, data files which the user gathers by him/herself and internet connection which is responsible for the transportation of the claim.

How Is Auto Insurance’s Premium Calculated

One of the most popular questions that people usually ask is how is auto insurance’s premium calculated. The most influential factor is market risk ratio. It is almost the same that is in banks or other financial institutions who lend their money and calculate income rates. Because of that car insurance premiums are dependent on the demographics of auto insurance claims. For example if there are a lot of people who are at age of 25 than premiums could be very expensive. And to the contrary, premium rates for those who are older than 70 years will be insignificant in comparison to the other. All this is because of the fact that auto insurance are the most common among people of that two social groups.

Uncovered Liability Insurance

However, there are few states where drivers are not covered by the liability insurance. Because of that people encounter with many financial problems in case of collision. This means that unsecure are also people who may be damaged in the accident because of the reckless driving of some other person.

Therefore, it is not a sort of advice to tell people to have a proper automobile insurance, it is urgent to be covered in case of car accident. Very often people do not know how to cope with the difficulties that arise when collision happens and a lot of damage to the vehicles have been done.

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