5 Element Training

5 Element Training

The 5-Element Training System is based on the Chinese Medical Theory of the five phases (elements). This theory is used to help diagnose and thus aid in the prevention and curing of physical and mental illnesses. The Five Element Theory strives to balance the internal organs of the body with the emotional aspects of the …

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Brief History of 5 Element Martial Arts

Brief History of 5 Element Martial Arts

5 Element Martial Arts are the result of over two thousand years of evolution in the Chinese Martial Arts. During this time, generations of brilliant and dedicated men and women developed the various techniques and training methods that we can benefit from today. Shaolin temples In the past, the strength of these techniques was tested …

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Mastering Photoshop

The Key To Mastering Photoshop

Mastering Photoshop takes time, discipline, and a great deal of patience. Many newbies attempt to learn photoshop but end up frustrated and angry because they cannot create what they desire. Most of these newbies look up tutorials on popular websites and find a couple of hints and tips that tell them how to achieve a …

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Portrait Photography, Photography Tutorial

Portrait Photography, Photography Tutorial

In the previous strategy, we discussed the use of shadow photography in helping your creativity to flow. Photoshop can also help you explore shadow photography! Maricon Williams, in the article titled ‘Use of Shadow and Lighting,’ writes: With the help of Photoshop, the object has vested an illusion that it has a third dimension. Photoshop’s …

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10 Wedding Day Photography Tips

10 Wedding Day Photography Tips

Weddings are lovely occasions, but they can also be stressful occasions for all involved, from the bride and groom to the family members and yes, even to you, the wedding photographer. So to make your job a little bit easier, here are ten tips to help you have a fantastic wedding day photography shoot. Before …

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How to Clean a DJ Mixer

How to Clean a DJ Mixer

The disc jockeys can be well-known these days, and they are also a great part for parties, weddings, and some other occasions. They help to set the right atmosphere in a party by merely playing the kind of music which is suited to the event and is appreciated in a gathering. However, there exists a …

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Windup Knight


Despite having reviewed the running-genre game NinjaGo just a few weeks ago, I came across another “runner” that was just too good to pass up. WindUp Knight is a beautiful, entertaining, and in-depth action adventure side-scroller with addictive gameplay. This little gem comes from Robot Invader, a relatively new name in the world of iOS …


Liquid Ink Tips

Unique artistic expressions from around the world

Mary Bellis Lewis Waterman patented the first practical fountain pen in 1884. Writing instruments designed to carry their own supply of ink had existed in principle for over one hundred years before Waterman’s patent. For example, the oldest known fountain pen that has survived today was designed by a Frenchmen named M. Bion and dated …

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True Aquarium Plants Planting and Care Instructions For Water Garden Plant

Tropical Water Lilies – Day and Night Blooming. Tropical water lilies should be planted in pots at least 12 inches in diameter. A 3-5 gallon size should suffice for each lily. Fill the pot half full with a rich garden soil and ad fertilizer tablets. Then continue to fill the pot with soil to about …

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Standard Toolbox

For all those that are serious about doing carpentry work the house, it is important to establish a workplace that is convenient, comfortable and well organized. For any do it yourself carpentry enthusiast, good storage for tools and materials is necessary so the carpentry headquarters can be a full-fledged shop, or an ordinary tool center. …

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