Are CBD and Cannabis Inhalers the Future?

Cannabis asthma inhaler

Asthma is an inflammatory condition, although it may also be an autoimmune disease. Cannabinoids – primarily CBD and THC – have emerged as possible treatments for asthma because of their anti-inflammatory benefits. Cannabinoids are also helpful for improving immune system functioning, according to research carried out on the CB2 receptor in the ECS. Interestingly, the concept of cannabis being used for asthma dates back before the plant’s prohibition in the early 20th century. Asthma patients were taking cannabis for their condition as early as the 1800s.

There is a certain irony in cannabis being a potential treatment for asthma, especially since most people today still associate marijuana as a substance that is smoked, first and foremost. But that is changing, with 21st century science revolutionizing the cannabis plant and its uses. We now know more conclusively than ever that cannabinoids have medical value. But we are still learning how to harness them.

Treating asthma has always been a challenge of managing and preventing symptoms, given there is no cure for the condition at present. Traditional nasal inhalers work in one of two ways for asthma. Reliever inhalers are used during an asthma attack. This is when airways become inflamed and blocked. Then there are preventer inhalers which work to stop asthma symptoms from manifesting in the first place. There are also inhalers which fulfil both roles – known as combination inhalers. CBD and cannabis essential oil inhalers would likely have a combining effect. Scientists have found that vaporized marijuana dilates bronchi in the lungs. This makes it easier for the patient to breathe.

Possible future uses for CBD and cannabis inhalers


Let’s expand on the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoid to propose some future uses for cannabis inhalers. Arthritis springs to mind. The inflammatory condition (or autoimmune disease in the case of rheumatoid arthritis) causes pain and affects mobility. The convenience of a cannabis vapor inhalor would give confidence back to patients. No longer would they feel as reluctant to go out and enjoy life, if they could get pain and inflammation relief from a quick puff or two.

Marijuana’s natural chemicals have a profound effect on the immune system. The regulating influence they exert via the ECS is unlike other compounds. It’s what helps to promote a balance between reduced inflammation, which is key for relieving symptoms, without essentially deactivating the immune system, a move that would cause other health problems.

Inhalers for anxiety

Anxiety patients could also benefit from a CBD inhaler, because of the quick symptom relief and maximum discretion. Many who suffer from anxiety do so publicly in the form of social anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorder can also strike at any time. Having the power to reduce symptoms with a handheld gadget that releases a specific quantity of CBDistillery on-demand would be extremely welcome for those affected by the condition.

Knowing that relief is just a moment away would allow anxiety patients to start taking back control of their life. For many, the threat of an anxiety attack stops them from going out and taking part in activities they would otherwise enjoy, due to fear of embarrassment. And with a discreet form of medication such as an inhaler, patients can medicate without having to explain to others what they are doing. That inhalers are already a societal norm makes them great for anyone with an illness they need to treat in the outside world, but discreetly.

Where are CBD and cannabis inhalers for sale?

Cannabis inhalers are inevitably going to be very restricted at this point, because they contain THC. These products could technically be prescribed as medicine in states where medical cannabis has been embraced. It may also be possible for regular cannabis users to find them at recreational dispensaries. Cannabis inhaler prices will vary, depending on THC quantity and the CBD to THC ratio. Flavored products are available, too. But don’t expect to find too many flavored devices. Inhalers mark a more professional and serious way of taking cannabis sativa extracts.

Hemp-derived CBD inhalers are technically legal. The federal government has permitted this type of Blue Moon CBD  through the relaxation of hemp laws. This has come from the signing of farm bills by both the Obama and Trump administrations. CBD inhalers with less than 0.3% THC are legal. Some contain a pure CBD-isolate extract. Others have traces of cannabigerol (CBG) and extra legal, non-intoxicating cannabinoids, as part of a full-spectrum product. CBD inhaler reviews are mostly positive.

Final thoughts

CBD and cannabis inhalers have a bright future. Users are looking to refine how they take both CBD and THC. Consuming cannabis in a healthy manner is more important than ever, for those who partake. The

legal industry has allowed for safer products to flourish. Previously, cannabis users would have to find their own ways of enjoying flower. Hence why most would simply choose to smoke it.

More research on CBD and THC’s medical benefits will help us work out what inhalers can be used for. The benefits for asthma look promising, as do those for quitting smoking. Inhalers would likely appeal to those who already smoke or vape CBD or cannabis. Funky Farms CBD users may also make the switch if convinced on the safety of inhalers. Asthma patients taking edibles or capsules to control symptoms may also be intrigued by inhalers.

Are you using a CBD or cannabis inhaler already? Let us know what for in the comments section, and whether it’s made a difference for you!