Benefits of applying Pure Oil to the Body

In Ayurveda, the science of life, to oleate is to apply oil to the entire body. The oil used is pure, organic oil that you could eat. This daily practice of oleating is considered an essential part of maintaining health and balance throughout the entire system.

Combining neutral smelling oil, such as apricot oil, with high-grade pure essential oils is an ideal way to receive the healing benefits of the plant essence, as the oil is absorbed directly into the skin for further assimilation throughout the body.


Over time and regular application, the oil penetrates to deeper levels, lubricating internally as well as externally. The oil not only normalizes and beautifies the skin; essential oils have natural antibacterial and antiviral qualities protecting the skin and the orifices of the body from infection, bug bites, and rash.

The act of massaging, the act of touching your body (or having someone else) is an essential part of the benefits. Massage increases circulation throughout the tissues of the body, soothes the nerves, and quiets the busy brain.

Benefits of applying Pure Oil to the Body

Daily oleating need not be an hour-long massage, although once a week with a professional would be great. Touch is so essential to our well-being, and a daily self-massage for 5-10 minutes before or after we bathe is a great way to add more.

Oleating the body is preventative care, keeping the skin (the largest organ of the body) functioning optimally well lubricated, clean and clear of blemishes and rash, and protected from the outside elements. The orifices of the body benefit from oleation as well.

It is considered correct to snort 1-2 drops of oil up each nostril daily (use a pinkie finger) to protect and lubricate the nasal passageways the essential oil creating a natural barrier between your internal body and outside pathogens.


Also, a drop rubbed inside the ears a few times per week, the gums benefit from daily oil massage (particularly sesame oil), and the genitals and anus should also be oleated. The oil helps to relieve hemorrhoids and can help protect against and alleviate the vaginal infection, to name just a couple of benefits. And, of course, the all-natural oil makes perfect lubrication for sex.

Oleating is not just a simple, effective skincare regimen. In essence, it’s a daily practice to increase circulation, strengthen connective tissue and joints, quiet the mind and increase positive feelings through touch, increase digestive action through skin and organ stimulation, and benefit from the healing, balancing, and protecting aspects of essential oils.

Do it this way

Getting Started, 1 cup of organic jojoba, apricot, almond, sesame, or sunflower oil as your base oil. Ten drops of Bergamot 10 drops Lemon 8 drops of Sandalwood 7 drops of Tea Tree Oil 8 drops of Rosemary or eight drops of Peppermint Rub generously into the legs by using a wringing motion from the hips to the feet and back up again towards the heart.

Do in a similar way for arms wringing down towards hands and back up. Circular massage motion from the navel outwards in increasingly larger circles than back in towards the navel.

Don’t forget the face and shoulders and, when it’s okay for the hair to look wet for a while, massage the scalp and let the oil absorb in for a few hours before washing hair. After oleating the body, the leftover oil on the hands makes great shine pomade for the hair, as well.

In the evening before going to bed, spend 5 minutes massaging the soles of the feet to help you rest more soundly. -Namaskar OLEATE! – Creates high-grade oils in harmony with the Seasons just for oleating. ~ Aromatherapy for health & beauty ~ Face and body oils for daily skincare—therapeutic Bath Oils for an easy at-home spa treatment.

Essential spray – a nourishing and healing spray for the face and body and natural deodorant for the body and environment. Essential oils are antibacterial and a natural antiseptic.

Spray over one’s head and inhale, spray underarms, on scratches, burns, or bug bites to cool and comfort. Perfect in the car or office to enhance your environment. Here’s a nice article on skin types and how to care for each skin type.