Apple’s intelligent personal assistant – SIRI

Siri is Apple s intelligent personal assistant, and one of the most talked about features of the iPhone 4S. Siri can help you make calls, schedule meetings, get weather information, send and read back emails, and even crack a joke or two. Siri can understand natural speech, so you dont have to learn specific commands or preprogram Siri to understand your voice. Siri works with almost all the built-in apps in the iPhone 4S; here s how to make the most of it.




1. Press and hold the Home button for a few seconds until you hear a double beep. The Siri mic will pop up from the bottom of the screen with the prompt, “What can I help you with?”

2. Raise the iPhone to your ear as if you re on a call, and you ll hear a double beep, which means you ve activated Siri. (Note: this works only when your iPhone screen is unlocked. To disable this feature, open Settings>General>Siri and swipe Raise to Speak towards OFF) To cancel a request or close Siri, press the Home button.


After the double beep, Siri will wait for you to say something. Speak naturally and say your question or command. Siri will assume you re done speaking when it hears a longer pause in your speech, and it will repeat back to you what it understood. If it needs more clarification, then it will ask for it (see image). You can also tap the Siri mic icon when you want to start or end a command.


You can use your Apple headset with mic to speak to Siri. Hold down the middle button for a couple of seconds to activate Siri and talk away. WHAT SIRI CAN DO Siri works with almost all built-in apps.

Here are some sample commands you can try:

CONTACTS AND ADDRESS BOOK “WhatJack Johnsonmailing address?” “When is Nick s birthday?” “Can you show me Maryemail address?” “Who is Jenny Smith?” CALENDARS and meetings “Please set up a meeting with Johnny at 5.” “Schedule an appointment about balloons with the party clown tomorrow.” “Cancel my meeting about balloons.” “Move my appointment from 4 p.m. today to 9 a.m. tomorrow.” “What s on my calendar for today?” “Do I have any meetings on July 5th?” “When am I meeting with the party clown?” CLOCKS AND ALARMS “Wake me up tomorrow at 6.” “Change my 6 a.m. alarm to 7:30.”

“Hey Siri, can you delete my 7:30 alarm, please?” “What time is it in Cairo right now?” “Can you set a timer for 15 minutes?”

EMAIL AND MESSAGES “Email Frank Irunning late for our meeting comma I ll be there in a few minutes.” “Send a message to my wife that says shall I pick up something from the store question mark.” “Do I have an email from Jason?” “Siri, check my emails.” “Show me the email from Carlos yesterday.” ” Reply to Carlos, hey dude how about we go this weekend?” “Text Lisa and Jason the movie is about to start.”

WITH FIND MY FRIENDS “WhereCarlos right now?” “Who is near me?” “Is Jason at home?”

MUSIC “Hey Siri, can I listen to some Jimi Hendrix?” “Play me Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.” ” Play some jazz.” “Stop this song. Play Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.” “Shuffle my party mix.”

NOTES “Make a note that says a solar-powered flashlight is a bad business idea.” “Note: check out Guy Kawasaki s new book.” “Create a great ideas note.” “Find my work meeting notes.”

MAKING CALLS “Siri, can you call my wife?” “Call Jason at work.” “FaceTime with Robbie.” “Call 832 555 6675.” MAPS “How do I get to Starbucks?” “Where are the good Italian restaurants?” “Show me where the movie theater is.” “Siri, can you give me directions to John s house?”

REMINDERS “Remind me to pick up crayons for my son.” “Siri, remind me to call Susan when I leave work.” “Remind me to take my coat when I leave here.”

STOCKS “HowApple s stock doing?” “What did Google close at today?” “What s Microsoft s P/E ratio?” WEATHER “What s the temperature outside?” “What s the weather like in New York right now?” “Will it rain this week?” “Can you show me the forecast for tomorrow?” WEB “Search the web for AlexTrebek SNL skit.” “Search for vegan dinner recipes.” “Search Wikipedia for Jeopardy game show.”

FINDING SPECIFIC INFORMATION “How much is 20 percent of 47 dollars and 50 cents?” “What s the highest point in Colorado?” “How far away is the moon?” “Who is Nikola Tesla?” “What s the price of gas in Houston, Texas?” “What s the population of Puerto Rico?”

SETTING UP RELATIONSHIPS You ve probably noticed that Siri seems to “know” who your wife, brother, or mother is. No, Siri s not psychic; you have to tell it who s who. Start by identifying yourself. Open Settings>General>Siri>My Info, and choose your contact card. Once Siri knows who you are, you can say something like “Mary is my wife,” or “Carlos is my brother.” Siri will confirm with you, and from then on you can simply refer to the contact as “wife,” “brother,” etc.

Siri Cant Open Apps Directly (Yet)

Siri is still in Beta, and although it can do a lot, it has certain limitations. If you ask Siri to open an app, it won t do it. The reason is likely due to security. Apple is known for rolling out features they control from top to bottom. Giving Siri the ability to open any third – party app may make the user vulnerable to malware or other security concerns.

OPEN THE SIRI ONSCREEN GUIDE If you need additional guidance on using Siri, you can access the onscreen Siri guide from your phone. When Siri pops up, tap on the “i” above the mic, and Siri will show you a set of possible questions and ideas for how to phrase your commands.