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Anxiety Girl
Anxiety Girl (illustration)

Week 2 ending – Paxil Withdrawl

Well I am soon going into three weeks Paxil free. Yeah! So far the withdrawal has not been that bad. Except for the fatigue and lack of sleep at night. I am thinking that the reason I am so tired is because of the new drug Lexapro I am taking. This one I can take at night if need be so that is what i will be doing for now on as I was nodding off at my desk at work. I just hope when my head hits the keyboard I hit the right keys lol. J/K

Lots and Lots of changes. Today I had a storage pod delivered. I am gonna pack it up and move it off to storage. Then I move in with my parents. I have to say this is a move I least expected but it is temporary. They live in a age restricted community so I cant stay there more than a month. Commuting to bring Kenny to school everyday is gonna be rough but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Tonight was teacher parent conference night. That was a disaster..I will comment on how messed up our school system when I have a few hours to comment.

Off to do laundry and pack. I am holding on tight for this new adventure I am going through.

Panic back a little..Day Seven

Well last night I had a panic attack. I guess I was due for one since I been hyperventilating all week. The xanax does not seem to work as good with the Lexapro. Not sure why. Then again I am only taking 1/4 of a pill. I am gonna try a 1/2 pill tonite and see if thats better. I been waking up with huge knots in my neck and shoulder and a wicked headache. Last night and yesterday I felt some minor zaps in the back of my head.

So last night was rough. Today my mood is a little depressed. It was a bit yesterday too. Things are still easier than when I was on Paxil but I don’t like feeling blue. I hope it gets better because if they give me another prescription I will be broke for sure. Maybe just increasing the Lexapro is all is needed. He was going to increase me to 40 mg of Paxil. If that is what it takes to feel as good as I did on Day 2-4 I will do it!

Still going good! Day 5 update.

I been busy the last few days with my new job so I have not been able to log in to update how I been doing. I still feel really good despite stopping Paxil cold turkey when switching to Lexapro. The only side effect that I seem to have is my appetite is less. Even when I do eat I don’t feel like eating very much. That is a good thing for me.

I been having a little trouble sleeping at night because of being full of energy all day, but it is getting better. I also threw my back out cleaning my house lol but that is almost better today. In the morning I have been having some headaches and I think it is caused by some neck tension because my neck and shoulders were hurting this morning. After I had some coffee and Advil I was fine.

I really love my new job so far. The training has been tough, learning banking laws was brutal. But my lowest score on all the banking laws and regulations was an 85% Passing score is 80% so I was hoping I could have done better. Most scores were 90 and 95%.

One other side effect of feeling better is I seem to be hyperventilating a lot. I have to tell myself to slow down. I have to figure out a way to do that. No panic attacks, no anxiety. Yeah! I hope this feeling continues!

Wow I thought I would NEVER feel this way!

OMG is all I can say! Is it possible to see a change so soon in a med? This is probably why I don’t see many complaints of Lexipro online! All day today working at my desk I have been feeling flushed. Its not a bad feeling, its like a giddy feeling if I was a teen and a hot guy walked in the room and no I am not horny. lol. I did things today that I have been afraid to do, little things like wax my mustache. I DID IT! and it hurt like a muther f**er but I did it! Yeah! *Doing the Happy Dance* OK next.

I got up to make lunch and I have no appetite and I did eat today so I ignored it and looked around and went WOW. Its like I have been asleep or in a deep fog! My place was in bad shape. I actually looked at what needed to be done and did it and it did not drain me. I mean I looked at it, saw what needed to be done and did it! My dining area was so messy I could not eat at my table. Now there is NOTHING on top of, beside, under anywhere and I even hung some pictures!

OMG! Its like I came out of a coma. I even clean off the top of my desk today! I am almost afraid to get too excited incase I crash later or something but I am actually optomistic! I feel like suing Paxil assholes for taking 6 years of my life away! No doctor told me that I would be in such a fog while on paxil. NEVER again will I take it! This is day 2 off from it. Yesterday I was sick, had a horrible headache, stomache, confused, depressed.

I can finally breathe again! I am going to take advantage of this feeling and do what needs to be done incase this is temporary. Which I hope its not. L8tr!