Are You Struggling To Cope With General Anxiety Disorder?

If you suffer from Anxiety Attacks, Panic Attacks, or General Anxiety Disorder, then I don’t have to explain just how debilitating these conditions can be. You’ll know only too well about the fluttering heart that races so fast you think you’re going to die.

The pounding head that just seems to get tighter and tighter… louder and louder. That crippling sensation of tension in your neck, shoulders, arms, stomach, thighs, and legs. Those feelings of FEAR and DREAD, which are so overwhelming, so terrifying, so incredibly REAL that they take over every single thought in your mind making you question your very sanity.

Panic attack

Lifelike, this is in no uncertain terms a living nightmare. As soon as the brain recognizes those first little feelings of anxiety, the whole spiraling process of a panic attack begins. And once those feelings start to escalate, it can be almost impossible to stop the cycle. The rapid onset of fear just seems to feed the whole process, and before you know it, your in a full-blown panic attack that feels impossible to take control of.

Are You Struggling To Cope With General Anxiety Disorder?

Those living with anxiety will recognize these symptoms and can relate fully to these feelings of dread, stress, tension, and desperation. However, it is much more difficult for those who don’t suffer from anxiety to understand what’s going on.

Your family, friends, work colleagues who seem to sail through life without a hitch often can’t rationalize your situation. They can label people with anxiety disorders as being irrational, over-sensitive, paranoid, weak, and lacking in confidence.

People being judgemental

Unfortunately, these judgments are VERY wrong. You see, people from all walks of life can be struck with anxiety…. soldiers, police officers, pilots, lifeguards, accountants, factory workers, hairdressers, firefighters, the list is endless. Many of these people are performing exceptionally in their jobs every day. Jobs which require courage, confidence, rationality, logic, planning, and common sense.

It’s just a fact that anxiety has no prejudices, it can strike anyone at any time, and that’s what makes it such an incredibly frightening experience. Many people who are unfortunate enough to experience anxiety or panic attacks rush off to their GP for help. Often the doctor will prescribe some sort of anti-anxiety medication or, in some cases, anti-depressants depending on the symptoms and degree of the condition.

Thankfully many sufferers respond well to these drugs and find they can carry with their lives controlling their anxiety in this way. However, anxiety affects everyone individually, and not everyone will react or respond in the same way to the same medication.

Medication doesn’t work for some

As everyone is an individual … so are their related anxiety conditions. For some sufferers, medication just doesn’t seem to work. Many experience unsettling side effects; others feel their anxiety becomes heightened, and some people just have their reasons for wanting to avoid prescription drugs.

It just isn’t the answer for everyone, and for those individuals, facing the reality of living with anxiety, can make life positively hopeless. For these sufferers, their attacks can be so debilitating that they can even find themselves contemplating suicide as the only end to the agony, misery, and anguish their anxiety brings.

Hopelessness, self-doubt, chronic feelings of dread and depression make life unbearable not just for the victim of anxiety but for their close family and friends who have to witness the hell they are living.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Barry McDonagh, who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for years, has developed a proven natural technique to help stop panic attacks and general anxiety fast. Most of the people that Barry has found himself dealing with have been struggling with anxiety disorders for many years.

They are usually exhausted, having tried and tested every book, course, or treatment program available. If you or a loved one is suffering from an anxiety-related disorder and has run out of solutions, then have a look at Curing Panic Attacks.