How to Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Volunteering is something that most people of character would consider. Many animals need people’s time, love, and attention. That is why those who are interested in community service should consider donating their time to an animal shelter. Just a few hours a week can make a massive difference in the life of an animal.

It also will help one feel good about himself or herself to spend time with an animal. Before volunteering at an animal shelter, a person must first locate and pick one, call that shelter, arrange a visit with that shelter, and decide what he or she is going to do to volunteer.

Locate and Pick a Shelter

Before one decides to volunteer at an animal shelter, he or she must first locate one. There are many ways to find animal shelters. They can be found in the phone book, on fliers, or by word of mouth. After finding animal shelters, a person should research each one. After researching all of the animal shelters, he or she must decide which shelter interests him or her the most.

How to Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Call that Shelter

After a person decides on which animal shelter interests him or her the most, he or she should call that shelter and ask to speak to the owner/manager. If a person has any further questions about that animal shelter, that would be a great time to ask.

A person should also explain to the owner/manager of the shelter why he or she wants to volunteer. That will let him or her know that it is a serious inquiry.

Arrange a Visit with that Shelter

Before hanging up that phone, a person should set up a time to meet with the staff of the shelter. Visiting the animal shelter will allow a person to meet the staff and make a final decision about whether he or she wants to volunteer at that particular shelter. This will also allow a person who is interested in volunteering to get to know that staff and vice versa.

Decide What Type of Volunteer Work Will Be Done

After a person has made that final decision about where to volunteer, the next step is deciding what type of work will be done. Many people enjoy working directly with animals, while some do not. Even if a person does not enjoy working with animals, he or she can still donate his or her time to the animal shelter.

He or she can do things like clean, answer phones, and file papers. A person can also donate his or her time by making generous monetary donations. There are many ways that a person can give his or her time to an animal shelter.

Additional Tips

If a person is serious about volunteering at an animal shelter, he or she should also get the family and friends involved. This will allow many people to work together towards that common goal and strengthen relationships.

Additionally, if a person is doing the volunteering, it is also essential to ensure that he or she carries his or her insurance card on him or her. The reason for this is that many shelters do not hold themselves liable in case of an injury.

That is something that is of critical importance to consider when volunteering at an animal shelter. Anyone who volunteers at an animal shelter should give him or herself a pat on the back. It is always generous and honorable to donate one’s time to a worthy cause. Read our tips on dog training here.