An Interior Designing Guide for Your Guest Room

All of us love having a house of our own. It is a dream to build a house in the exact way we want. We live in a time where many people prefer apartments over a well planned and constructed independent house. Times have changed and people have gotten busy with other priorities in life that building or staying in an independent house in not much of an interest seeking aspect to many people. However, you cannot discard the other set of people who love doing it all themselves, from preparing the blueprint of the house to finishing the house exactly the way they dreamt.

Guest Room
Guest Room

There are some greater pleasures in life for us than to stay at the home of a friend or family member who has a neatly designed a guest bedroom. It is like having the luxury of a good hotel with the personal service of a small country inn. Here are some tips to create a guest room that can have your loved ones lining up for reservations.

An Arrangement of Books

One of the most fun loving pastimes while visiting someone else’s house is rummaging through their book collection. It does not matter whether you have a full wall of shelving or one slender cabinet; you stock it with a lot of reading material that appeals to all: it can be a set of bestsellers, non-fiction, mysteries and more. Do not forget to fit bedside lamps along with a cushy spot in the room. Your guests will be really impressed by this arrangement.

One Folding Luggage Stand

This hotel-inspired touch will save your guests from having to squat all the way to the floor to fit through their suitcases. Place it in the closet when you are not expecting company or you can leave it open as a design detail. Here it takes the place of a bench at the foot of the bed.

Loads of Pillow

Many of them like them flat, some like it fluffy and some prefer down. Have loads of pillows on hand to satisfy the guests’ individual tastes. And while you are at it, purchase a couple of good blankets and the best bed linens that you can afford. A guest should be treated with utmost care and for them to have a good sleep, pillows have to be good. There are a lot of people who are very particular that they get a real good pillow so that they can have a decent sleep. Therefore, this is something you need to take into consideration.

Hangers and Hooks

Your guests do not have a specific spot in your house to tuck away the purses or hang their car keys. You will have to make it easy for them by mounting hooks as well as wall racks. You should also ensure that there are plenty of coat hangers in a closet or wardrobe. Always put yourself in their shoes and see what kind of things you will look out for when you stay elsewhere; by doing so, you will have a clear idea as to what will be expected of you from your guests as well.

One Coffee Bar

If you have enough space in your house along with a good budget and motivation, you will be able to add a full-on morning kitchen so that your guests can brew that first cup of coffee without having to go elsewhere or depend on you. However, you do not have to be that extravagant. Just set up a small dresser or sideboard along with a coffee maker (you can probably consider a single cup model for easy usability) and a set of mugs, a few spoons and napkins. Keep sweeteners and non-perishable creamer in neatly covered jars or bowls close by.

A Good Out-Fitted Nightstand

Place the bedtime comforts within reach – a carafe for water, one tray or bowl to corral spectacles, watches, a lamp that is easy to switch on or off. In case you know your guest likes a nightcap before retiring, you might even place a glass, one ice bucket or a small bottle of their libation of choice.

Beautiful Fresh Flowers

Only some elements broadcast a warm welcome in the way that flowers do. Keep this arrangement as simple as possible. Stick a few cut blooms from the garden or from the market in a jug, or you can choose one standout blossom for a bud vase. Just try and avoid flowers with overpowering scents, which can lead to headaches and in case your guest suffers from fever, a pretty, non-allergenic green plant can be a better choice.

Slippers and Robes

Either you put these in the spare bath or hang them from a hook in the bedroom; these things will definitely make your guests feel pampered.

One Final Touch

Provide a basket full of toiletries as well as niceties in case of forgotten items – mini toothpaste, one extra toothbrush, some small bottles of hand lotion, a shaving soap and other necessary items.

These are some of the interesting designing tips for your guest room.