Tips For Adding a Pond to Your Garden

Water is a fantastic element, it hydrates, it grows, and it’s a part of us all. So it’s completely natural to want it to be a feature in our living space, and one way to bring it into your garden is by adding a pond.

Many people believe water to have magical healing powers, whether this is true or not, remains to be seen, but this important substance can have psychological benefits. Only hearing the sound of water can sometimes put the mind at ease. If you intend to add a pond to your garden, here are some useful tips.


First of all, you need to pick a part of the garden where you would like to locate the pond. Next, you will have to determine the size. This is especially important if you plan to keep fish and how many you can keep according to the amount of water. If you’re unsure of the ratio, there are various calculators you can use online.

Tips For Adding a Pond to Your Garden

After deciding the size, it’s over to the shape. This leads to the next important decision, picking a pre-formed pond or using a pond liner. Pre-formed products are made from sturdy and durable plastic and come in various shapes and sizes. This is an easier option and can save time in design and construction; however, you will be restrained in creative terms.

Use Liner

For those looking to design their very own pond, the liner is the choice for you. This allows you to create any shape you would like, including a unique design. Construction will take more time, but this is the cost of creativity.

Another essential factor for any pond is water quality. This can be improved considerably by having a reliable pump and filtration system. Without this necessary equipment, the water will quickly become murky, and its level of oxygen will decrease. If you choose to have fish, this is especially important. As a general rule, the entire amount of water should be circulated once every 2 hours.

When picking pumps, many will state their flow rate per hour. Ensure that you use this rate to calculate whether the pump is suitable for your specific pond. Many pumps come with a filtration system, and this will help to filter the water. However, you will need to change or clean the filter periodically.

Add Greenery

To make your pond appear more natural, it is essential to consider adding greenery in the form of plants. There are various plants that either grow underwater or just by the side.

For example, deep-water plants are rooted in the soil and are placed in water deeper than 30cm, the leaves and flowers will then grow on the surface or just above it. A favorite amongst gardeners has to be the lily; this floating fascination is a beautiful addition to any pond and one which must be considered.

Adding a pond to your garden is definitely an excellent option for those looking to bring a little bit of nature into their living space. It will require a significant effort, to begin with, but once it has been created, most of the upkeep will include picking out the occasional leaf and changing the filter. Read this awesome article to learn about gardening tips.