Detailed information about 1337x proxy

There is some good stuff out there which you can’t access under your geographical location. However, the good news is that due to technological advancement, it is easy to access almost everything across the globe. Thanks to proxies and mirrors tailored to allow you access and download anything you want.

Defining 1337x proxy sites

Due to law enforcement, 1337x platform was taken down due to copyright issues. However, the 1337x team has been dedicated to creating and sharing new websites that are a clone of the mother website with its real database, and that how proxy sites were born. Basically, proxy sites are masking site that offers digital application, games, software, videos, music, and many more for free.

Why consider 1337x proxies?

Basically, proxies are tailored to allow people to have access to blocked websites and download content like videos, audios or files, or other items. These websites are blocked in your area by the IPS (internet service providers) or internet operators due to copyright concerns. The good news with 1337x proxies is that you can access and download all kinds of content for free. Many individuals primarily utilize 1337x torrent, especially for TV shows and movies.

Due to its wide use, the 1337x platform has significantly become popular in different sectors, and people can download data faster. Utilizing 1337x platform allows you to sort all kind of information including;

  • Torrent trends
  • Anime
  • TV & Documentaries
  • Top 100 torrents
  • Movies
  • New episodes
  • Games
  • Music
  • XXX, Etc.

How 1337x proxy websites work

There are many proxies designed for 1337x torrent. They are tailored to unblock the primary website limitations so that you can get the content you are looking for. If one proxy doesn’t work, you can consider using others. Typically, many people like downloading free stuff over the internet. Despite being ethically wrong to download unlawful staff, it is still easy to download them. The working mechanism of proxy is getting to the intermediaries of the websites.

1337x intermediaries can be accessed anywhere on the internet, utilizing an indistinguishable rundown database about friends from 1337x. This helps to access all the site elements.

Best 1337x proxy sites

Best 1337x mirrors

How to download stuff from 1337x platform

If you want to access movies, games, music, and software files, you’ll need to follow the steps below.
In your browser, open 1337x proxy.

After opening the website, you’ll realize that you have a long search section. That section search bar is where you’ll type in your favorite game, music, movie, or application. Besides, under that section, you’ll find options like games, movies, music, etc.

If you type anything, let’s say software or a play on the search section and click the search button, you’ll be given several suggestions that relate to your search.

If you click on the preferred item, you’ll be directed to a page with a magnet download option. All you need is only to click the download magnet button.

After clicking the download button, a box will pop up, showing you whatever you’re downloading with two options; “cancel” and “open “Bittorrent.”

Click on the Bittorrent option. When you do, it will take you to the content or application you’ve downloaded automatically. After opening the software or application, you’ll click the OK button to initiate the downloading process.

Can 1337x be blocked?

The ISPs usually block the masking sites like proxies and mirrors in the regions that don’t tolerate that or have uncompromising and strict copyright laws. If you come from such strict countries, then connecting to some sites directly will be impossible. Even if you had a solution, then there is a possibility of being prosecuted if any illegal content is downloaded.

Basically, your ISP can throttle the downloading speed or just block the access to keep their bandwidth safe. This is usually done to hinder you from utilizing the website by increasing the time required to download content. The website may experience technical issues or can be down for maintenance. Therefore, in such a case, the utilization of a proxy or mirror site is prioritized.

Can you use VPN to unblock 1337x torrent?

Typically, a 1337x platform can easily be accessed when it is blocked. Utilization of a VPN can help you to get to the website just in case your ISP or location blocks you. What you need to do is using a VPN to connect to serves based in various countries that tolerate copyrighting violations. Your IP becomes securely invisible from the view, enabling you to mask your location without ISP learning anything about it.

The good thing with VPN is that once installed and connected to the area of your interest; it becomes difficult for law enforcement agencies or internet service providers to track you. Unlike proxy sites and mirrors where you visit such sites directly with your real IP address, VPN gives you a fake IP address. Besides, investing in the right VPN provides a high downloading speed because its server does not interfere with the connection.

Best 1337x proxy sites alternatives

Kickass torrent

Known to offer an easy and straightforward technique to download movies, games, applications TV series, and more, Kickass torrent is among the leading sites compared to 1337x sites.

The pirate bay

Known as the most authentic and accessible site on the web, this platform allows easy downloading of items, provided that the user has a reliable internet connection.


As many countries are working on blocking the torrent, other solutions are being found to mask and access anything on the internet. After being stuck, people are turning to proxy sites and mirror sites to hide and access the blocked content for free. Overall, 1337x is the best torrent search option to watch and download whatever content you want.
For easier accessibility of blocked websites, a reliable VPN will help you access any content on the internet at ease.