Based on the concept of cylindrical platform puzzles. Rinth Island is neat game that delivers a refreshing approach to brainteasers. When a massive storm throws the town of Landingport into disarray, plucky volunteers Gimble and Libby set off to recover objects that will help the people rebuild. Each stage is fashioned around a cylinder shape that rotates as you walk, meaning you can see what lies ahead.

Your aim in each stage is to grab a special object that the townsfolk need, although these are always out of reach, requiring you to push blocks to create makeshift staircases. You can also use Detonite to blow up brittle stone blocks, although you must use this sparingly – and with care – as it is always in short supply.


Rinth Islands puzzles are cleverly designed and will have you pondering for ages. You can also undo mistakes, but once your initial supply runs out. you must buy more with real money, which is unwelcome in a game this challenging, Unique and great fun, although the paid – for undo option is Intrusive.


Moto Heroz HD comes from Red Lynx, the critically acclaimed developer of the iOS smash DrawRace Z and is an intriguing blend of platforming and physics – based racing. Each of the 30 tracks on offer in this title are spread across six themed worlds, ranging from sun – scorched canyons to lush forests, The aim of each track is to win the race against two ghost cars – which are based on the attempts of two other players online.

A word of warning though, these are far from straightforward race tracks You must strike a delicate balance between speed and tilting the weight of your vehicle to ride over jumps and bumps, as well as spinning around loop-the-loops and other hazards of varying difficulty.

As you make your way around the tracks, you must collect coins that go towards upgrading your vehicle, and obtain power – ups to give you an advantage in each race. For example, jetpacks will help you climb to high areas, while springs let you perform big jumps on demand. Using these items at the right time can mean the difference between a good time and a record time so it s worth honing your technique with these bonuses.

While fundamentally simple, Moto Heroz suffers slightly from a harsh difficulty curve. You will need

to retry stages over and over again until you get all three possible stars, and as stars are needed to unlock new tracks, we found that progression often felt a little stunted.

However, the constant challenge of global times, diverse range of environments and simple controls will be appealing to many; just don t expect an easy ride,

Infuriatingly hard in places, but otherwise another high-octane triumph from RedLynx that s well worth its price tag.


Creating levels out of the music stored on your device, Beotstream is a superb rhythm – action game that sees your songs transformed into gliding tracks full of mesmerising yellow and blue lines that correspond with the beat. As the song plays an arrow will slide along the line, and by simply tapping the screen you can change the colour of the arrow to match the lines, gaining points for every colour matched. Miss the colour and your arrow will lose power and slow down. It s totally addictive and endless as long as you have new songs in your library.

Mesmerising on higher Li j difficulty, Beotstream will suck you in.


An offshoot of The Hunger Comes franchise. Girl on Fire is a run and gun game that sees lead character Katniss sprinting through perilous forests swarming with Tracker jacker bugs. Armed with a bow, you can take down the insects before they shoot you, and jump between both levels of the stage to avoid their blasts.

It s tricky to begin with, and will take some replaying to get used to, but it s addictive enough. Some control hiccups aside, it s a decent free app. Hardly revolutionary, but it will deliver a shot of fun on the go.


A promotional gamefor the 2014 Brazilian World Cup, Brasil Quest sees an alien running through all 12 host cities collecting colourful bubbles in order to keep his speed up As you run. you must jump over spikes and up to higher ground to grab more bubbles. Fail to grab enough and the alien gets too tired to go any farther and the round is over. It s incredibly simple, and probably more geared towards kids than grown-ups. but for a promotional game, it s decent enough fun. if a tad similar to other games out there. However, as it s free it warrants a try at least.

Cute, simple and well presented, this release will get you in the mood for the 2014 World Cup.


Wiestie Fesi is a superb throwback to the arcade era of wrestling games, pulling in current wrestlers such as Randy Orton and The Miz, as well as more seasoned fighters like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jake the Snake. The 2D combat is simple, with just two buttons, but the game can be played in Exhibition mode. Tag team, Multiplayer and the superb Road to WrestleMania career mode. While substantial the only issue is that combat is perhaps a tad too threadbare, but fans of old – school wrestling games will really enjoy the nostalgia trip.

Simple combat, chunky characters and retro music make this a treat.


Inspired by Minecraft Eden – World Builder plonks you in a randomlygenerated block world, armed with a pickaxe and a host of building materials. The only restriction is your own imagination, as you can make anything, be it a grand castle or a simple wooden chalet. The control system is simple and creating things is a matter of selecting a material and tapping wherever you want to place it. It will take time to get to grips with, but this is a game that rewards persistence and experimentation.

V??? similar to Minecraft. but just as fun and engrossing.


Revenge! is an incredibly addictive arcade game that sees an intrepid frog repelling a stream of colourful idols by matching up three of the same colour. The trail of idols snakes across each stage, meaning you must be pretty accurate to avoid stacking up colours that don t match. Your aim is to destroy all of the idols before they reach the end of the trail. You can create combo chains and use power – ups to reverse or slow the flow. With countless stages, boss battles and inventive stage design, this is a must – have app to keep you entertained. Another infectious Wrelease that is very hard to put down.