6 Ways To Get More Exercise While Listening to Your Beats

For those who are health conscious or trying to achieve better fitness levels, it is not always possible to get to the gym or make use of an exercise video every day. In fact, there are plenty of people who do not actively set aside times of day for working out, yet manage to remain in excellent health. For the majority, this is down to integrating greater physical activity into their daily routines. These habits can be especially useful to those with a busy lifestyle, or experience certain times when they really do get too busy to find time to work out.


Walk as much as possible

There are innumerable times when people opt to take an elevator or escalator, even when they are merely traveling up one floor. Walking up stairs is a great way to raise your heart rate and get in some cardio. Opt to run errands for yourself rather than send someone, and take the stairs where it is safe.

Sit on a ball

Sitting on a ball is a great way to more frequently engage your abdominal and leg muscles. If your workplace is flexible enough to permit this, invest in an exercise ball you can sit on in place of your office chair a few hours a day. Take it in increments to adapt to the use of the ball and learn proper posture.

Add more steps

adding more steps to your day is also another good way to get in more exercise. You make it simple by stopping off at an earlier station or bus stop on the way home, or finding a new parking spot for your car that is further away from your office. Many people who switch from public transport to private cars gain weight because of the new ease in travel so also think about leaving your car at home a few days each week.

Target 5-minute exercises

many adverts that run in between programs and songs last a few minutes, which you can use to get in some crunches or even lift weights. Pick out certain times of day when you can try this and take it as a break from work and other obligations.

Do more household chores

most homeowners take pride in a clean home, but often pay for the privilege. Tasks as simple as washing laundry, vacuuming and preparing dinner can burn calories so consider having your housekeeper go home earlier and pick up some of the slack. You can also opt to do some chores more manually such as washing the car yourself instead of going to the car wash, and using a mower that requires you to push it rather than ride.

Join a team

when left to ourselves, it is very easy to come up with excuses not to workout. When you are however obligated by a commitment to a team, most will find a way to make time. Joining a sports team that has a regular schedule for training is a great way get exercise. Even substitutes are required to stay in form so do not worry about being second or third string.