5 Reasons why you need Content Marketing skills

The definition of Content Marketing is delivering value that is relevant to your niche, consistently and repeatedly, to attract potential customers, who eventually become customers because you have inspired trust and loyalty.

Don’t sell!

Now, in this definition, did you see any mention of selling?? No, you did not. That is because a sale is not a part of this! Wait, wait….back up so, how am I supposed to sell my product if I don’t pitch it? Easy, actually! Easier than pitching it, because I’m not annoying anybody! On the contrary, I am honoring my potential clients’ intelligence by giving them the information they need to be able to make an educated decision on their own.

The more I provide valuable content, the more I am giving my followers reasons to keep coming back to my blog. I want them to look forward to reading my posts because they go away feeling just a little bit smarter. I want them to check-in, read my latest post, and leave with a feeling of excitement and anticipation….they can’t wait to go try out what they just learned!

Make them take action

Giving people that kind of feeling, day in and day out, is the foundation of a relationship built on trust. If my readers leave my blog and implement what they just read, they will get a warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment when it actually WORKS. Or maybe they will jump up and down…depends on their personality, but you get my drift…anyway, my point is, they will recognize the VALUE of the information they just received from me. They will want more of that, and I will deliver. This is an ongoing process, folks…you will have people starting to depend on you! You have to keep it coming!

5 Reasons why Content Marketing skills NEED to be in your toolbox!
content marketing

Anyway, so let’s look at all the reasons why this is a great technique and one you need in your toolbox (actually THE MAIN tool, as far as I’m concerned!)

They’re not just money-bags!

People hate being seen as merely a purse. They HATE it. How many times have you been looking at something…been mildly curious…and a salesman swooped in for the close and then “BAM!” you suddenly own whatever it is, but you have kind of a sick feeling in your stomach because you know you were coerced into it?

Don’t leave ’em hangin’

On top of that, said salesmen burned the wind getting away from you and going to his next client/victim because once he heard the “ka-ching,” he was SO done with you. You’re left standing there wondering what just happened….and like I said, feeling a little bit sick. Well, this technique keeps that from ever happening, because the prospective client is fully prepared and allowed to make his/her OWN INFORMED DECISION about whether or not to join. They “close” themselves!

Treating people like intelligent adults who are capable of independent thoughts and actions is a great way to win people over. Who doesn’t like to feel smart?

Provide value

When you provide valuable content for your followers, they will not only FEEL smarter; they will actually GET smarter…so when they actually DO join your team (because people join people, not companies…remember that!). They will be in a MUCH better position to hit the ground running and being successful right off the bat, without having to go through such a steep learning curve!

Providing VALUE for your followers means that YOU will also get smarter! There is no way to stay ahead of the game without investing in your own continued education. You have to keep studying and learning the latest information in order to keep being able to transmit it to your people, and by doing so, you will be making yourself a better leader and mentor!

Everybody is happy.

So, hopefully, you see that this is an ongoing process, not an overnight phenomenon! Just like any relationship you have in life, it takes a certain amount of time to build a strong foundation. You want to be in this for the long haul, I am assuming, and that means being a little bit patient on the front end and having faith that it will all fall into place.

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