3 Most Expensive Luxury Private Jets You Will Love

For decades, the number of passengers who travel by plane has exceeded all of the older forms of people transporting, such as trains or buses. Today, planes probably carry more passengers per year than any other transporting industry. But only a small percentage of the population can enjoy private jets. There is no more comfortable way of traveling than flight by a private jet, where you can enjoy in peace and do whatever you want during the flight. 

If you are among those the lucky ones who have the opportunity to be a lonely passenger on this kind of flight, or you just want to know how luxurious an airplane can be, you may be interested in these 3 best luxury private jets made so far.

Airbus Acj320neo

The British private aviation company called “Acropolis Aviation” created this luxurious jet for the world’s super elite. This company modified a former version of the regular “Airbus 320neo”. From the outside it may seem the same, but the new jet for private purposes has a new engine and aerodynamic elements on the wings. That means that these exklusive passengers can enjoy a more comfortable flight and reach their destination even faster. 

The new Airbus model has a transition range of 9,650 kilometers, which gives its elite passengers the opportunity to visit all major cities around the world without the need for a break! The “ACJ320neo” costs around 110 million dollars and there is far more cabin space, compared to the majority of other private jets. When it comes to the interior, there is a master bedroom with a private bathroom – this bedroom is the largest ever presented as a part of an Airbus plane! 

It has enough space for 17 passengers who want to sleep during the flight, but also 19 seats are included. In addition to these luxurious specifics, this new jet model has a lounge, a large dining space and a full-size kitchen.


Boeing 787-8 Business Class

Boeing 787 8 Business Class

The “Boeing 787-8” of the Chinese company “HNA Aviation Group” is a private jet that will take away the title from all those planes that we previously called the most luxurious ones! When you see the insight of this jet, you can think that you’re scrolling through the gallery of some luxurious five-star hotel. This exclusive interior on 250 m2 area is a place where 39 passengers can enjoy the flight of their life. 

The guest cabin has 18 seats that can be converted into full-length beds, while behind that cabin is a separate flight attendants area. The “Kestrel Aviation Management” company was also indicated in creating this flying palace. The CEO of that company, Stephen Vela, said that there is something more that makes this private jet even more unique. 

Numerous 787 models have been converted from passenger to private jets in the past. But this is the first jet model that was built especially as a Boeing Business Jet. Vela also revealed that the whole interior of the plane was carefully designed for about 12 months. Meanwhile, the production of jet parts and the installation itself has lasted for almost a year and a half. 

The standard Boeing 787-8 for passenger use costs 224,6 millions of dollars, so we’ll leave to your imagination the millions of dollars that were invested in this luxurious private jet!

Airbus A380

Airbus A380

The “Airbus 380” is the private jet of Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud, the Saudi prince in whose possession this jet is. The commercial passenger version of the “Airbus 380” can carry about 800 passengers. But this private jet has been designed as flying the most luxurious space on several floors – yes, you read that right! This jet has 3 floors that are connected by the spiral staircase. There is also an elevator if you don’t want to use the stairs. 

The interior is very luxuriously decorated – there are 4 family apartments and 4 more even more luxurious VIP apartments. The most breathtaking part of this jet is the prayer chapel – this area of the plane automatically turns to the side of the world where Mecca is located. The chapel has sensor detectors that activate when someone enters. 

This is the one of the largest and most expensive private jets in the world – it is estimated to be worth about 500 million dollars. This price does not come as a surprise when you think of all the luxurious specifics of the “Airbus 380”.

We are sure that in future there will be even more expensive and luxurious private jets. It only remains to wait and see how far can airline companies go when it comes to designing these flying palaces! We can agree that private jets  are much more than just a way of traveling from one place to another. And all of these millions of dollars can confirm that!